Overview of alternative drive and fuel vehicles

List of cars with alternative drive and fuel available in Germany and Europe in 2023

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Market overview of all new cars offered in Germany with alternative drive systems and fuels – List of vehicles with alternative fuels (CNG and LPG) as well as vehicles with alternative drive systems (fuel cell vehicles FCEV, electric cars EV, hybrid cars HEV and plug-in hybrid cars PHEV) in series production

in kW
Fuel Consumption
in l (kg)/100 km
Electric Energy Consumption
in kWh/100 km
CO2 Emissions
in g/km
Price in Euro
(including German Tax)
DaciaDuster TCe 100 ECO-G 2WDLPG747,8-12715.600
DaciaJogger TCe 100 ECO-GLPG747,8-12116.800
DaciaSandero TCe 100 ECO-GLPG746,7-10912.950
DaciaSandero Stepway TCe 100 ECO-GLPG747,4-11514.900
ToyotaMirai (2. Generation)FCEV1340,89-065.990
Audie-tron GT quattroEV350-21,60104.000
AudiRS e-tron GT quattroEV440-22,10142.500
AudiQ4 e-tron 40EV150-19,6051.900
AudiQ4 e-tron 45 quattroEV195-20,2053.900
AudiQ4 e-tron 50 quattroEV220-20,2057.900
AudiQ4 Sportback e-tron 40EV150-19,1053.900
AudiQ4 Sportback e-tron 45 quattroEV195-19,7055.900
AudiQ4 Sportback e-tron 50 quattroEV220-19,7059.900
AudiQ8 e-tron 50 quattroEV250-24,0074.400
AudiQ8 e-tron 55 quattroEV300-24,4085.300
AudiQ8 Sportback e-tron 50 quattroEV250-23,7076.650
AudiQ8 Sportback e-tron 55 quatttoEV300-24,1087.550
BMWi4 eDrive35EV210-18,7056.500
BMWi4 eDrive40EV250-19,1059.800
BMWi4 M50EV400-22,5071.100
BMWi7 xDrive60EV400-19,60139.900
BMWiX xDrive40EV240-21,4077.300
BMWiX xDrive50EV385-21,20107.900
BMWiX M60EV455-24,70143.100
BMWiX1 xDrive30EV230-18,1055.000
Citroene-Berlingo MEV100-19,7037.790
Citroene-Berlingo XLEV100-20,0041.240
Citroene-Berlingo Kastenwagen L1EV100-22,0034.498
Citroene-Berlingo Kastenwagen L2EV100-22,1037.461
Citroene-Berlingo Kastenwagen DoppelkabineEV100-22,1037.533
Citroene-C4 Electric (Elektromotor 136)EV100-15,5037.540
Citroene-C4 X Electric (Elektromotor 136)EV100-15,3037.540
Citroene-Jumper Kastenwagen L1H1EV100-36,2069.008
Citroene-Jumper Kastenwagen L2H2EV100-36,2071.388
Citroene-Jumper Kastenwagen L3H2EV100-38,4077.338
Citroene-Jumper Kastenwagen L4H2EV100-38,4080.182
Citroene-Jumpy Kastenwagen XS (100 kW Elektromotor, 50 kW Batterie)EV100-27,0043.066
Citroene-Jumpy Kastenwagen M (100 kW Elektromotor, 50 kW Batterie)EV100-27,0043.733
Citroene-Jumpy Kastenwagen M (100 kW Elektromotor, 75 kW Batterie)EV100-27,0049.683
Citroene-Jumpy Kastenwagen XL (100 kW Elektromotor, 50 kW Batterie)EV100-27,0045.018
Citroene-Jumpy Kastenwagen XL (100 kW Elektromotor, 75 kW Batterie)EV100-27,0050.432
Citroene-Jumpy Kombi M (100 kW Elektromotor, 50 kWh Batterie)EV100-25,1050.190
Citroene-Jumpy Kombi M (100 kW Elektromotor, 75 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,6056.190
Citroene-Jumpy Kombi XL (100 kW Elektromotor, 50 kWh Batterie)EV100-25,2050.980
Citroene-Jumpy Kombi XL (100 kW Elektromotor, 75 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,8056.980
Citroene-SPACETOURER M (100 kW Elektromotor, 50 kW Batterie)EV100-26,2053.640
Citroene-SPACETOURER M (100 kW Elektromotor, 75 kW Batterie)EV100-29,5059.640
Citroene-SPACETOURER XL (100 kW Elektromotor, 50 kW Batterie)EV100-26,5054.430
Citroene-SPACETOURER XL (100 kW Elektromotor, 75 kW Batterie)EV100-29,5060.430
CupraBorn (150 kW, 58 kWh Batterie)EV150-17,3038.770
CupraBorn (170 kW, 58 kWh Batterie)EV170-17,4040.150
CupraBorn (170 kW, 77 kWh Batterie)EV170-17,5045.850
DaciaSpring Electric 45EV33-13,9022.750
DaciaSpring Electric 65EV48-14,5024.550
DS AutomobilesDS 3 E-TENSEEV115-16,4040.540
Fiat500 (23,8 kWh Batterie)EV70-13,0030.990
Fiat500 (42,0 kWh Batterie)EV87-14,3034.990
Fiat500 Cabrio (42,0 kWh Batterie)EV87-14,8037.990
FiatE-Doblo L1EV100-19,9039.990
FiatE-Doblo Kastenwagen L1EV100--037.545
FiatE-Doblo kastenwagen L2EV100--038.854
FiatE-Doblo Multicab L2EV100--039.925
FiatE-Ducato Kastenwagen L2H1EV90-31,8065.926
FiatE-Ducato Kastenwagen L2H2EV90-33,4066.640
FiatE-Ducato Kastenwagen L4H2EV90-33,6067.949
FiatE-Ducato Kastenwagen L4H3EV90-34,9069.258
FiatE-Ducato Kastenwagen L5H2EV90-33,8069.258
FiatE-Ducato Kastenwagen L5H3EV90-35,1070.567
FiatE-Scudo Kastenwagen L2 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,4045.577
FiatE-Scudo Kastenwagen L2 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,4051.527
FiatE-Scudo Kastenwagen L3 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,4047.362
FiatE-Scudo Kastenwagen L3 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,4053.312
FiatE-Scudo Kombi L2 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,4047.838
FiatE-Scudo Kombi L2 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,4053.788
FiatE-Scudo Kombi L3 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,4049.445
FiatE-Scudo Kombi L3 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,4055.395
FiatE-Scudo Multicab L2 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,4049.147
FiatE-Scudo Multicab L2 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,4055.097
FiatE-Scudo Multicab L3 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,4050.932
FiatE-Scudo Multicab L3 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,4056.882
FiatE-Ulysse L2 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100--062.990
FiatE-Ulysse L2 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100--068.990
FiatE-Ulysse L3 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100--063.990
FiatE-Ulysse L3 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100--069.990
FordMustang Mach-E Standard RangeEV198-17,2062.900
FordMustang Mach-E Extended RangeEV216-16,5071.200
FordMustang Mach-E AWD Standard RangeEV198-19,5069.200
FordMustang Mach-E AWD Extended RangeEV258-18,7077.200
FordMustang Mach-E GT Extended RangeEV358-20,0086.200
FordE-Transit Kastenwagen L2 (135 KW)EV135--071.269
FordE-Transit Kastenwagen L2 (200 KW)EV200--073.054
FordE-Transit Kastenwagen L3 (135 KW)EV135--071.983
FordE-Transit Kastenwagen L3 (200 KW)EV200--073.768
FordE-Transit Kastenwagen L4 (135 KW)EV135--073.173
FordE-Transit Kastenwagen L4 (200 KW)EV200--074.958
FordE-Transit Doppelkabine L3 (135 KW)EV135--075.553
FordE-Transit Doppelkabine L3 (200 KW)EV200--077.338
GenesisG80 ElectrifiedEV272-19,1072.200
GenesisGV60 SportEV234-18,8063.200
GenesisGV60 Sport PlusEV360-19,1073.100
GenesisGV70 ElectrifiedEV360-19,9067.300
Hondae AdvanceEV113-17,8039.900
HyundaiIONIQ Elektro (100 kW)EV100-13,8035.350
HyundaiIONIQ 5 (125 kW, 58 kWh Batterie)EV125-16,7043.900
HyundaiIONIQ 5 (168 kW, 77,4 kWh Batterie)EV168-18,0047.900
HyundaiIONIQ 5 (239 kW, 77,4 kWh Batterie, Allradantrieb)EV239-19,1051.900
HyundaiIONIQ 6 (111 kW, 53 kWh Batterie)EV111-13,9043.900
HyundaiIONIQ 6 (168 kW, 77,4 kWh Batterie)EV168-16,0048.900
HyundaiIONIQ 6 (239 kW, 77,4 kWh Batterie, Allradantrieb)EV239-16,9052.900
HyundaiKona Elektro (100 kW, 39,2 kWh Batterie))EV100-14,3036.400
HyundaiKona Elektro (150 kW, 64,0 kWh Batterie))EV150-14,7042.900
JaguarI-PACE EV400 AWDEV294-23,0092.400
JeepAvenger ElektroEV115-15,9037.000
Kiae-Soul 204 (150 kW, 64 kWh Batterie)EV150-15,7046.950
KiaEV6 (125 kW, 58 kWh)EV125-16,6046.990
KiaEV6 (168 kW, 77,4 kWh)EV168-17,2051.990
KiaEV6 (239 kW, 77,4 kWh, AWD)EV239-18,0055.990
KiaEV6 GT (430 kW, 77,4 kWh, AWD)EV430-20,6072.990
KiaNiro EVEV150-16,2047.590
LexusUX 300eEV150-17,0044.440
MazdaMX-30 EVEV107-17,9035.990
Mercedes-BenzEQA 250EV140-16,9050.777
Mercedes-BenzEQA 250+EV140-16,7052.205
Mercedes-BenzEQA 300 4MATICEV168-18,7053.746
Mercedes-BenzEQA 350 4MATICEV215-18,7056.424
Mercedes-BenzEQB 250EV140-18,3052.550
Mercedes-BenzEQB 250+EV140-18,1053.978
Mercedes-BenzEQB 300 4MATICEV168-19,7055.519
Mercedes-BenzEQB 350 4MATICEV215-19,7058.197
Mercedes-BenzEQC 400 4MATICEV300-25,0066.069
Mercedes-BenzEQE 300EV180-18,8066.402
Mercedes-BenzEQE 350EV215-18,8070.210
Mercedes-BenzEQE 350 4MATICEV215-20,8073.364
Mercedes-BenzEQE 500 4MATICEV300-20,8087.287
Mercedes-BenzMercedes-AMG EQE 43 4MATICEV350-22,40103.970
Mercedes-BenzMercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+EV460-22,60109.920
Mercedes-BenzEQS 450+EV245-19,80109.551
Mercedes-BenzEQS 450 4MATICEV265-21,30113.359
Mercedes-BenzEQS 500 4MATICEV330-21,30125.378
Mercedes-BenzEQS 580 4MATICEV385-21,30141.705
Mercedes-BenzMercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+EV484-24,30155.009
Mercedes-BenzEQS SUV 450+EV265-22,90110.801
Mercedes-BenzEQS SUV 450 4MATICEV265-24,30114.609
Mercedes-BenzEQS SUV 580 4MATICEV400-24,30135.434
Mercedes-BenzEQV 250 LangEV150-26,9070.865
Mercedes-BenzEQV 250 ExtralangEV150-26,9071.781
Mercedes-BenzEQV 300 LangEV150-26,3074.554
Mercedes-BenzEQV 300 ExtralangEV150-26,4075.482
Mercedes-BenzeSprinter 312 Standard (35 kWh Batterie)EV85-37,1064.367
Mercedes-BenzeSprinter 312 Standard (47 kWh Batterie)EV85-32,5074.346
Mercedes-BenzeVito Kastenwagen 112 LangEV85-21,4054.728
Mercedes-BenzeVito Kastenwagen 112 ExtralangEV85-21,6056.489
Mercedes-BenzeVito Tourer PRO 126 LangEV150-26,7060.678
Mercedes-BenzeVito Tourer PRO 126 ExtralangEV150-26,8061.571
Mercedes-BenzeVito Tourer PRO 129 LangEV150-26,2064.248
Mercedes-BenzeVito Tourer PRO 129 ExtralangEV150-26,2065.141
MINICooper SE 3-TürerEV135-17,6037.300
NissanAriya (160 kW, 63 kWh Batterie)EV160-17,8047.490
NissanAriya (178 kW, 87 kWh Batterie)EV178-18,4063.490
NissanAriya (225 kW, 87 kWh Batterie, Allradantrieb)EV225-19,5066.490
NissanLeaf e+EV160-18,5041.100
NissanTownstar EV Kastenwagen L1EV90-35,1040.163
NissanTownstar EV Kastenwagen L2EV90-35,1041.769
OpelCombo-e CargoEV100-22,4038.675
OpelCombo-e Cargo XLEV100-22,4040.014
OpelCombo-e Cargo DoppelkabineEV100-22,4041.115
OpelCombo-e LifeEV100-20,0043.050
OpelCombo-e Life XLEV100-20,0044.750
OpelMovano-e L1H1 (37 kWh Batterie)EV100-36,2069.008
OpelMovano-e L2H2 (37 kWh Batterie)EV100-36,2071.388
OpelMovano-e L3H2 (70 kWh Batterie)EV100-38,4077.338
OpelMovano-e L4H2 (70 kWh Batterie)EV100-38,4078.766
OpelMovano-e L4H3 (70 kWh Batterie)EV100-38,4080.194
OpelVivaro-e Cargo M (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,1047.005
OpelVivaro-e Cargo M (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-27,3052.955
OpelVivaro-e Cargo L (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,1047.898
OpelVivaro-e Cargo L (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-27,3053.848
OpelVivaro-e Doppelkabine M (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,1050.575
OpelVivaro-e Doppelkabine M (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-27,3056.525
OpelVivaro-e Doppelkabine L (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,1051.468
OpelVivaro-e Doppelkabine L (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-27,3057.418
OpelVivaro-e Kombi M (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,1051.527
OpelVivaro-e Kombi M (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-27,3057.477
OpelVivaro-e Kombi L (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,1052.360
OpelVivaro-e Kombi L (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-27,3058.310
OpelZafira-e Life M (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,1063.250
OpelZafira-e Life M (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-27,3069.250
OpelZafira-e Life L (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,1064.075
OpelZafira-e Life L (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-27,3070.075
Peugeote-208 (Elektromotor 136)EV100-16,0035.350
Peugeote-208 (Elektromotor 156)EV115-14,6040.500
Peugeote-Boxer Kastenwagen L1H1 (37 kWh Batterie)EV100-36,2069.008
Peugeote-Boxer Kastenwagen L2H2 (37 kWh Batterie)EV100-36,2071.388
Peugeote-Boxer Kastenwagen L3H2 (70 kWh Batterie)EV100-38,4077.338
Peugeote-Boxer Kastenwagen L4H2 (70 kWh Batterie)EV100-38,4080.182
Peugeote-Expert Kastenwagen Standard (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-32,0045.577
Peugeote-Expert Kastenwagen Standard (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-33,2051.527
Peugeote-Expert Kastenwagen Lang (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-32,3047.362
Peugeote-Expert Kastenwagen Lang (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-33,5053.312
Peugeote-Expert Doppelkabine Standard (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-32,4049.147
Peugeote-Expert Doppelkabine Standard (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-33,7055.097
Peugeote-Expert Doppelkabine Lang (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-32,8050.932
Peugeote-Expert Doppelkabine Lang (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-33,9056.882
Peugeote-Expert Kombi L2 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,1051.940
Peugeote-Expert Kombi L2 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-27,6057.940
Peugeote-Expert Kombi L3 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,2052.730
Peugeote-Expert Kombi L3 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-27,7058.730
Peugeote-Partner Kastenwagen L1 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-22,4037.545
Peugeote-Partner Kastenwagen L2 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-22,2038.854
Peugeote-Partner Doppelkabine L2 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-22,3039.925
Peugeote-Rifter L1 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-20,7041.240
Peugeote-Rifter L2 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-20,8042.440
Peugeote-Traveller L2 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,1053.640
Peugeote-Traveller L2 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-27,8059.640
Peugeote-Traveller L3 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,4054.430
Peugeote-Traveller L3 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-27,9060.430
PolestarPolestar 2 Standard Range Single MotorEV200-14,0048.990
PolestarPolestar 2 Long Range Single MotorEV220-16,0052.690
PolestarPolestar 2 Long Range Dual MotorEV310-16,0056.990
PolestarPolestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor mit Performance-PaketEV350-16,0063.490
PorscheTaycan (Performancebatterie)EV300-24,8088.399
PorscheTaycan (Performancebatterie Plus)EV350-25,4094.123
PorscheTaycan Sport Turismo (Performancebatterie)EV300-24,2089.351
PorscheTaycan Sport Turismo (Performancebatterie Plus)EV350-24,6095.075
PorscheTaycan 4 Cross Turismo (Performancebatterie Plus)EV350-26,4098.514
PorscheTaycan 4S (Performancebatterie)EV390-27,00108.867
PorscheTaycan 4S (Performancebatterie Plus)EV420-26,00114.389
PorscheTaycan 4S Cross Turismo (Performancebatterie Plus)EV420-26,40114.222
PorscheTaycan 4S Sport Turismo (Performancebatterie)EV390-24,60109.819
PorscheTaycan 4S Sport Turismo (Performancebatterie Plus)EV420-24,70115.341
PorscheTaycan GTS (Performancebatterie Plus)EV440-23,30134.214
PorscheTaycan GTS Sport Turismo (Performancebatterie Plus)EV440-24,10135.166
PorscheTaycan Turbo (Performancebatterie Plus)EV500-26,60156.348
PorscheTaycan Turbo Cross Turismo (Performancebatterie Plus)EV500-25,90157.776
PorscheTaycan Turbo Sport Turismo (Performancebatterie Plus)EV500-24,20157.300
PorscheTaycan Turbo S (Performancebatterie Plus)EV560-25,60189.668
PorscheTaycan Turbo S Cross Turismo (Performancebatterie Plus)EV560-26,40191.096
PorscheTaycan Turbo S Sport Turismo (Performancebatterie Plus)EV560-24,00190.620
RenaultKangoo E-TechEV90-19,2039.300
RenaultKangoo Rapid E-TechEV90-18,7040.448
RenaultMaster E-Tech Kastenwagen 3,1 t L1H1EV57-21,0066.509
RenaultMaster E-Tech Kastenwagen 3,1 t L1H2EV57-21,0070.198
RenaultMaster E-Tech Kastenwagen 3,5 t L1H2EV57-21,0076.148
RenaultMaster E-Tech Kastenwagen 3,1 t L2H2EV57-21,0071.388
RenaultMaster E-Tech Kastenwagen 3,5 t L2H2EV57-21,0077.338
RenaultMaster E-Tech Kastenwagen 3,1 t L3H2EV57-21,0072.757
RenaultMaster E-Tech Kastenwagen 3,5 t L3H2EV57-21,0078.707
RenaultMegane E-Tech EV40 130hpEV96-15,8042.000
RenaultMegane E-Tech EV60 130hpEV96-15,5047.000
RenaultMegane E-Tech EV60 220hpEV160-16,1046.600
RenaultTwingo E-TechEV60-16,3028.000
RenaultZoe E-Tech EV50 110hpEV80-17,2036.840
RenaultZoe E-Tech EV50 135hpEV100-17,7037.840
SkodaEnyaq iV 80EV150-16,9048.900
SkodaEnyaq RS iVEV220-17,8063.300
SkodaEnyaq Coupe iV 80EV150-16,9054.400
SkodaEnyaq Coupe RS iVEV220-17,5063.300
SmartEQ fortwoEV60-16,0021.940
SmartEQ fortwo cabrioEV60-16,3025.200
SsangYongKorando E-MotionEV140-16,8042.490
TeslaModel 3EV---044.970
TeslaModel 3 Maximale ReichweiteEV---054.970
TeslaModel 3 PerformanceEV---061.970
TeslaModel YEV---048.070
TeslaModel Y Maximale ReichweiteEV---059.520
TeslaModel Y PerformanceEV---065.970
TeslaModel SEV---0113.970
TeslaModel S PlaidEV---0138.970
TeslaModel XEV---0121.970
TeslaModel X PlaidEV---0141.970
ToyotabZ4X FrontantriebEV150-16,7047.490
ToyotabZ4X AllradantriebEV160-18,0057.390
ToyotaProace City Electric L1EV100-20,4035.432
ToyotaProace City Electric L2EV100-20,4038.443
ToyotaProace City Verso Electric L1EV100-21,1037.800
ToyotaProace City Verso Electric L2EV100-21,1040.150
ToyotaProace Electric L1 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-25,8041.948
ToyotaProace Electric L1 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,8049.207
ToyotaProace Electric L2 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-25,8044.506
ToyotaProace Electric L2 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,8049.766
ToyotaProace Verso Electric L1 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,0064.530
ToyotaProace Verso Electric L2 (75 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,0065.385
VolvoC40 Recharge Pure Electric Single MotorEV175-17,2047.500
VolvoC40 Recharge Pure Electric Single Motor Extended RangeEV185-17,5054.450
VolvoC40 Recharge Pure Electric Twin MotorEV110+190-18,6061.400
VolvoEX90 Twin Motor AWDEV300-20,90105.550
VolvoEX90 Twin Performance AWDEV380-21,10110.650
VolvoXC40 Recharge Pure Electric Single MotorEV175-18,0047.500
VolvoXC40 Recharge Pure Electric Single Motor Extended RangeEV185-18,3053.000
VolvoXC40 Recharge Pure Electric Twin MotorEV110+190-18,7059.950
VWID.3 Pro (150 kW, 58 kWh Batterie)EV150-15,4043.995
VWID.3 Pro S (150 kW, 77 kWh Batterie)EV150-15,8056.500
VWID.4 Pro (150 kW, 77 kWh Batterie)EV150-16,5046.335
VWID.4 Pro 4MOTION (195 kW, 77 kWh Batterie, Allrad)EV195-17,1049.020
VWID.4 GTX 4MOTION (220 kW, 77 kWh Batterie, Allrad)EV220-17,6053.255
VWID.5 Pro (128 kW, 77 kWh Batterie)EV128-16,4047.935
VWID.5 Pro Performance Upgrade (150 kW, 77 kWh Batterie)EV150-16,4048.970
VWID.5 GTX 4MOTION (220 kW, 77 kWh Batterie, Allrad)EV220-17,1056.455
VWID. Buzz EV150-21,7064.581
VWID. Buzz CargoEV150-22,3054.431
AudiA3 Sportback 30 g-tron S tronicCNG964,2-11533.450
AudiA4 Avant 40 g-tron S tronicCNG1255,0-13646.100
AudiA5 Sportsback 40 g-tron S tronicCNG1254,8-13247.700
VWCaddy Cargo Maxi 1,5-l-TGICNG964,3-11733.796
VWCaddy Kombi Maxi 1,5-l-TGICNG964,3-11836.140
FordGalaxy 2,5 l Duratec Hybrid (FHEV)HEV1405,9-13546.300
FordKuga 2,5 l Duratec Hybrid (FHEV) FWDHEV1406,4-14641.400
FordKuga 2,5 l Duratec Hybrid (FHEV) AWDHEV1406,3-14543.400
FordS-MAX 2,5 l Duratec Hybrid (FHEV)HEV1405,6-12944.300
HondaCivic e:EHV HybridHEV1354,2-9532.900
HondaCR-V e:HEV Hybrid 2WDHEV1356,7-15137.100
HondaCR-V e:HEV Hybrid AWDHEV1357,2-16342.950
HondaHR-V e:HEV HybridHEV965,4-12232.600
HondaJazz e:HEV HybridHEV804,8-11023.850
HyundaiIONIQ HybridHEV1045,2-11925.800
HyundaiKona HybridHEV1044,3-12228.700
HyundaiSanta Fe Hybrid 2WDHEV1696,9-15745.900
HyundaiSanta Fe Hybrid AWDHEV1697,6-17252.550
HyundaiTucson Hybrid 2WDHEV1695,9-13536.690
HyundaiTucson Hybrid AWDHEV1696,6-14942.290
KiaNiro HybridHEV1044,2-9732.590
KiaSorento Hybrid 2WDHEV1695,4-12451.390
KiaSorento Hybrid AWDHEV1696,2-14153.390
KiaSportage Hybrid 2WDHEV1694,9-11239.150
KiaSportage Hybrid AWDHEV1695,6-12741.150
LexusES 300hHEV1604,5-10355.000
LexusLC 500hHEV2646,7-153111.800
LexusLS 500hHEV2646,4-146102.800
LexusLS 500h E-FOURHEV2647,1-161106.950
LexusNX 350hHEV1795,7-13050.800
LexusNX 350h E-FOURHEV1796,4-14552.150
LexusRX 350hHEV1846,4-14568.650
LexusRX 500hHEV2738,1-18492.500
LexusUX 250hHEV1354,3-9742.150
LexusUX 250h E-FOURHEV1354,5-10355.600
MazdaMazda2 HybridHEV854,0-9323.190
MitsubishiASX HybridHEV1055,1-11430.990
NissanJuke 1.6 HybridHEV1055,1-11531.090
NissanQashqai 1.5 VC-T e-POWERHEV1405,4-12241.360
NissanX-Trail 1.5 VC-T e-POWERHEV1506,2-14137.000
NissanX-Trail 1.5 VC-T e-POWER e-4ORCEHEV1576,7-14544.400
RenaultArkana E-Tech Full Hybrid 145HEV1054,2-11236.050
RenaultAustral E-Tech Full Hybrid 200HEV1464,7-10640.950
RenaultCaptur E-Tech Full Hybrid 145HEV1054,9-11130.450
RenaultClio E-Tech Full Hybrid 145HEV1054,0-11423.200
SubaruForester 2.0ieHEV110+12,36,7-15437.790
SubaruImpreza 2.0ieHEV110+12,36,3-14332.340
SubaruXV 2.0ieHEV110+12,36,5-14932.990
SuzukiS-Cross 1.5 Dualjet Hybrid AGSHEV855,2-11832.290
SuzukiS-Cross 1.5 Dualjet Hybrid Allgrip AGSHEV855,8-13237.540
SuzukiSwace 1.8 HybridHEV903,4-7831.650
SuzukiVitara 1.5 Dualjet Hybrid AGSHEV855,3-12129.650
SuzukiVitara 1.5 Dualjet Hybrid Allgrip AGSHEV855,8-13231.500
ToyotaC-HR Hybrid 1,8 lHEV903,8-8632.990
ToyotaC-HR Hybrid 2,0 lHEV1354,0-9235.990
ToyotaCorolla Hybrid 1,8 lHEV1035,1-10633.340
ToyotaCorolla Hybrid 2,0 lHEV1444,7-10537.140
ToyotaCorolla Cross 2,0 l FrontantriebHEV1455,1-11638.600
ToyotaCorolla Cross 2,0 l AllradantriebHEV1455,4-12240.600
ToyotaCorolla Touring Sports Hybrid 1,8 lHEV1035,1-10634.540
ToyotaCorolla Touring Sports Hybrid 2,0 lHEV1444,7-10537.100
ToyotaHighlander Hybrid 2,5 lHEV1825,5-12458.950
ToyotaRAV4 Hybrid 2,5 lHEV1604,8-10843.790
ToyotaRAV4 Hybrid 2,5 l AWD-i AllradantriebHEV1634,6-10348.190
ToyotaYaris Hybrid 1,5 lHEV853,2-7322.990
ToyotaYaris Cross Hybrid 1,5 lHEV855,0-11325.340
ToyotaYaris Cross Hybrid 1,5 l AWDHEV855,1-11635.120
Alfa RomeoTonale Plug-In-Hybrid Q4PHEV2061,5-3452.000
BMW225e xDrive Active Tourer Plug-in-HybridPHEV1800,8-1946.650
BMW230e xDrive Active Tourer Plug-in-HybridPHEV2400,8-1950.300
BMW320e Limousine Plug-in-HybridPHEV1501,8-4054.000
BMW330e Limousine Plug-in-HybridPHEV2151,8-4060.500
BMW330e xDrive Limousine Plug-in-HybridPHEV2152,0-4563.000
BMW320e Touring Plug-in-HybridPHEV1501,9-4355.300
BMW320e xDrive Touring Plug-in-HybridPHEV1502,1-4857.800
BMW330e Touring Plug-in-HybridPHEV2151,9-4261.400
BMW330e xDrive Touring Plug-in-HybridPHEV2152,1-4863.900
BMW530e Limousine Plug-in-HybridPHEV2151,7-3961.200
BMW530e xDrive Limousine Plug-in-HybridPHEV2152,2-4963.800
BMW545e xDrive Limousine Plug-in-HybridPHEV2902,2-5173.050
BMW530e Touring Plug-in-HybridPHEV2151,9-4463.800
BMW530e xDrive Touring Plug-in-HybridPHEV2152,3-5166.400
BMW750e xDrive Limousine Plug-in-HybridPHEV3601,1-25125.300
BMWM760e xDrive Limousine Plug-in-HybridPHEV4201,3-29146.200
BMWX1 xDrive25e Plug-In-HybridPHEV1801,0-2249.100
BMWX1 xDrive30e Plug-In-HybridPHEV2401,0-2351.600
BMWX2 xDrive25e Plug-In-HybridPHEV1621,8-4251.050
BMWX3 xDrive30e Plug-In-HybridPHEV2152,6-5965.900
BMWX5 xDrive45e Plug-in-HybridPHEV2901,7-3980.000
BMWXM Plug-In-HybridPHEV4801,6-36178.000
CitroenC5 Aircross Plug-In-Hybrid 180PHEV1331,6-3543.720
CitroenC5 Aircross Plug-In-Hybrid 225PHEV1651,3-3045.220
CitroenC5 X Plug-in-Hybrid 225PHEV1651,3-2849.300
CupraFormentor 1.4 e-HYBRID 150 kWPHEV1501,3-3442.920
CupraFormentor VZ 1.4 e-HYBRID 180 kWPHEV1801,5-4346.260
CupraLeon 1.4 e-HYBRID 150 kWPHEV1501,2-3340.045
CupraLeon VZ 1.4 e-HYBRID 180 kWPHEV1801,4-3141.540
CupraLeon Sportstourer 1.4 e-HYBRID 150 kWPHEV1501,4-3541.415
CupraLeon Sportstourer VZ 1.4 e-HYBRID 180 kWPHEV1801,4-3242.910
DS AutomobilesDS 4 E-TENSE 225PHEV1651,4-3240.400
DS AutomobilesDS 7 E-TENSE 225PHEV1651,3-2949.590
DS AutomobilesDS 7 E-TENSE 4x4 300PHEV2201,2-2754.790
DS AutomobilesDS 7 E-TENSE 4x4 360PHEV2651,8-4062.490
DS AutomobilesDS 9 E-TENSE 250PHEV1831,2-2758.910
DS AutomobilesDS 9 E-TENSE 360 4x4PHEV2651,8-4169.700
FordExplorer 3.0 l EcoBoost Plug-in-Hybrid PHEV3362,9-6686.490
FordKuga 2.5 l Duratec Plug-In-Hybrid (PHEV)PHEV1651,2-2643.750
FordTourneo Custom Bus 1,0 l EcoBoost PHEVPHEV923,3-7577.302
FordTransit Custom Kastenwagen LKW 1,0 l EcoBoost PHEVPHEV922,7-6062.517
FordTransit Custom Kombi PKW 1,0 l EcoBoost PHEVPHEV923,2-7268.241
HyundaiIONIQ Plug-in-HybridPHEV1041,1-2632.000
HyundaiSanta Fe Plug-in-HybridPHEV1951,6-3755.750
HyundaiTuscon Plug-in-HybridPHEV1951,4-3142.350
JaguarE-PACE P300e AWDPHEV2272,0-4561.300
JaguarF-PACE P400e AWDPHEV2972,4-5479.700
JeepCompass 4xe Plug-In-Hybrid (140 kW)PHEV1401,9-5047.250
JeepCompass 4xe Plug-In-Hybrid (177 kW)PHEV1772,1-5152.750
JeepGrand Cherokee 4xe Plug-In-HybridPHEV2802,9-6879.500
JeepRenegade 4xe Plug-In-Hybrid (140 kW)PHEV1401,9-4441.850
JeepRenegade 4xe Plug-In-Hybrid (177 kW)PHEV1772,0-4647.350
JeepWrangler 4xe Plug-In-HybridPHEV2804,1-9480.000
KiaCeed Sportswagon Plug-in HybridPHEV1041,3-3037.590
KiaNiro Plug-in HybridPHEV1341,6-3638.590
KiaSportage Plug-in HybridPHEV1951,1-2645.290
KiaXCeed Plug-in Hybrid PHEV1041,3-3138.990
Land RoverDefender 110 P400e Plug-in HybridPHEV2972,9-6677.900
Land RoverDiscovery Sport P300e Plug-in HybridPHEV2272,0-4864.100
Land RoverRange Rover P440e Plug-in Hybrid (Normaler Radstand)PHEV3240,9-21137.800
Land RoverRange Rover P510e Plug-in Hybrid (Normaler Radstand)PHEV3750,9-21154.500
Land RoverRange Rover P440e Plug-in Hybrid (Langer Radstand)PHEV3240,9-21150.000
Land RoverRange Rover Evoque P300e Plug-in HybridPHEV2272,0-4364.100
Land RoverRange Rover Sport P440e Plug-in HybridPHEV3240,9-20100.200
Land RoverRange Rover Sport P510e Plug-in HybridPHEV3750,9-20138.500
Land RoverRange Rover Velar P400e Plug-in HybridPHEV2972,3-5382.400
LexusNX 450h+ E-FOURPHEV2271,1-2564.000
LexusRX 450h+PHEV2271,1-2575.000
MazdaCX-60 Plug-in HybridPHEV2411,5-3347.390
MazdaMX-30 R-EVPHEV1251,0-2135.990
Mercedes-BenzMercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance 4-Türer CoupePHEV6207,9-180199.016
Mercedes-BenzA 250 e KompaktlimousinePHEV1601,6-3637.765
Mercedes-BenzA 250 e LimousinePHEV1601,5-3538.122
Mercedes-BenzB 250 e Sports TourerPHEV1601,6-3639.347
Mercedes-BenzC 300 e LimousinePHEV2300,7-1656.168
Mercedes-BenzC 300 e 4MATIC LimousinePHEV2300,8-1858.548
Mercedes-BenzC 300 e T-ModellPHEV2300,8-1957.953
Mercedes-BenzC 400 e 4MATIC LimousinePHEV2800,8-1865.343
Mercedes-BenzCLA 250 e CoupePHEV1601,5-3542.453
Mercedes-BenzCLA 250 e Shooting BrakePHEV1601,6-3743.191
Mercedes-BenzE 300 de LimousinePHEV2251,4-3859.363
Mercedes-BenzE 300 de 4MATIC LimousinePHEV2251,6-4262.100
Mercedes-BenzE 300 de T-ModellPHEV2251,6-4263.558
Mercedes-BenzE 300 de 4MATIC T-ModellPHEV2251,7-4466.295
Mercedes-BenzE 300 e LimousinePHEV2351,8-4157.638
Mercedes-BenzE 300 e 4MATIC LimousinePHEV2352,0-4560.375
Mercedes-BenzE 300 e T-ModellPHEV2351,9-4461.832
Mercedes-BenzGLA 250 e SUVPHEV1601,8-4146.422
Mercedes-BenzGLC 300 de 4MATIC CoupePHEV2252,1-5464.897
Mercedes-BenzGLC 300 e 4MATIC CoupePHEV2352,5-5961.565
Mercedes-BenzGLC 300 de 4MATIC SUVPHEV2450,5-1473.018
Mercedes-BenzGLC 300 e 4MATIC SUVPHEV2300,6-1571.471
Mercedes-BenzGLC 400 e 4MATIC SUVPHEV2800,6-1574.922
Mercedes-BenzGLE 350 de 4MATIC CoupePHEV2351,3-3486.025
Mercedes-BenzGLE 350 de 4MATIC SUVPHEV2351,2-3277.326
Mercedes-BenzGLE 350 e 4MATIC CoupePHEV2451,5-3577.326
Mercedes-BenzGLE 350 e 4MATIC SUVPHEV2451,6-3675.946
Mercedes-BenzS 450 e Limousine kurzer RadstandPHEV3000,9-20123.046
Mercedes-BenzS 450 e Limousine langer RadstandPHEV3000,9-20127.330
Mercedes-BenzS 580 e Limousine kurzer RadstandPHEV3750,9-20132.923
Mercedes-BenzS 580 e Limousine langer RadstandPHEV3750,9-20136.612
Mercedes-BenzS 580 e 4MATIC Limousine kurzer RadstandPHEV3750,9-20136.731
Mercedes-BenzS 580 e 4MATIC Limousine langer RadstandPHEV3750,9-21140.420
MINICooper SE Countryman ALL4 Plug-in HybridPHEV1622,1-4745.000
MitsubishiASX Plug-in HybridPHEV1171,4-3239.390
MitsubishiEclipse Cross Plug-in HybridPHEV1381,8-4141.190
OpelAstra Plug-in-HybridPHEV1331,1-2639.100
OpelAstra GSe Plug-in-HybridPHEV1651,2-2645.510
OpelAstra Sports Tourer Plug-in-HybridPHEV1331,2-2740.200
OpelGrandland Plug-in-HybridPHEV1651,5-3445.700
OpelGrandland GSe Plug-in-Hybrid4PHEV2211,4-3257.600
Peugeot308 Plug-in Hybrid 180 e-EAT8PHEV1331,2-2743.500
Peugeot308 Plug-in Hybrid 225 e-EAT8PHEV1651,2-2845.500
Peugeot308 SW Plug-in Hybrid 180 e-EAT8PHEV1331,2-2744.500
Peugeot308 SW Plug-in Hybrid 225 e-EAT8PHEV1651,2-2746.500
Peugeot408 Plug-in Hybrid 180 e-EAT8PHEV1331,2-2644.500
Peugeot408 Plug-in Hybrid 225 e-EAT8PHEV1651,2-2851.050
Peugeot508 Plug-in Hybrid 225 e-EAT8PHEV1651,5-3452.050
Peugeot508 SW Plug-in Hybrid 225 e-EAT8PHEV1651,6-3653.150
Peugeot3008 Plug-in Hybrid 225 e-EAT8PHEV1651,4-3249.350
Peugeot3008 Plug-in Hybrid4 300 e-EAT8PHEV2201,3-3154.850
PorscheCayenne E-HybridPHEV3402,5-5897.903
PorscheCayenne E-Hybrid CoupePHEV3402,6-60102.187
PorscheCayenne Turbo S E-HybridPHEV5003,3-75182.988
PorscheCayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid CoupePHEV5003,3-76186.677
PorschePanamera 4 E-HybridPHEV3402,2-49117.538
PorschePanamera 4 E-Hybrid ExecutivePHEV3402,2-51125.035
PorschePanamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport TurismoPHEV3402,3-51120.394
PorschePanamera 4S E-HybridPHEV4122,2-51135.388
PorschePanamera 4S E-Hybrid ExecutivePHEV4122,3-53149.192
PorschePanamera 4S E-Hybrid Sport TurismoPHEV4122,2-52138.720
PorschePanamera Turbo S E-HybridPHEV5152,7-62198.458
PorschePanamera Turbo S E-Hybrid ExecutivePHEV5152,8-63211.905
PorschePanamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport TurismoPHEV5152,8-63202.742
RenaultCapture E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid 160PHEV1161,5-3435.500
RenaultMegane E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid 160PHEV1161,2-3236.100
RenaultMegane Grandtour E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid 160PHEV1161,4-3237.200
SuzukiAcross Plug-In HybridPHEV2251,2-2258.190
ToyotaRAV4 Plug-in HybridPHEV2251,2-2659.790
VolvoS60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T8 AWDPHEV228+1071,1-2564.650
VolvoS90 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T8 AWDPHEV228+1071,1-2575.500
VolvoV60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T6 AWDPHEV186+1071,1-2559.750
VolvoV60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T8 AWDPHEV228+1071,1-2568.600
VolvoV90 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T6 AWDPHEV186+1071,1-2572.650
VolvoV90 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T8 AWDPHEV228+1071,1-2580.350
VolvoXC40 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T4PHEV95+602,4-5555.250
VolvoXC40 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T5PHEV132+602,4-5557.250
VolvoXC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T6 AWDPHEV186+1071,3-3068.400
VolvoXC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T8 AWDPHEV228+1071,3-3077.100
VolvoXC90 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T8 AWDPHEV228+1071,5-3477.300
in kW
Fuel Consumption
in l (kg)/100 km
Electric Energy Consumption
in kWh/100 km
CO2 Emissions
in g/km
Price in Euro
(including German Tax)

Prices and other data correspond to those of the respective automobile manufacturer in 2023.

List of cars with alternative drive and fuel available until 2022

Market overview of all cars with alternative drive systems and fuels offered in Germany up to and including 2022

in kW
Fuel Consumption
in l (kg)/100 km
Electric Energy Consumption
in kWh/100 km
CO2 Emissions
in g/km
End of
DaciaDokker SCe 100 LPGLPG758,2-1322018
DaciaDokker SCe 110 LPGLPG799,1-1482019
DaciaDokker Express 1.6 MPI LPG 85LPG599,3-1492016
DaciaDokker Express SCe 100 LPGLPG758,2-1322019
DaciaDuster SCe 115 LPG 2WDLPG808,7-1412019
DaciaDuster SCe 115 LPG 4x2LPG848,1-1302018
DaciaLodgy SCe 100 LPGLPG757,8-1252018
DaciaLodgy SCe 110 LPGLPG798,4-1372019
DaciaLodgy SCe 110 ECO-GLPG807,9-1472020
DaciaLogan MCV TCe 90 LPGLPG667,2-1172019
DaciaLogan MCV TCe 100 ECO-GLPG746,6-1082020
DaciaSandero TCe 90 LPGLPG667,2-1172019
DaciaSandero TCe 100 ECO-G (Typ Sandero 2 B8)LPG746,6-1082020
Fiat500 1.2 8V LPGLPG517,3-1502021
FiatPanda 1.2 8V LPGLPG517,3-1062020
FiatPanda 1.2 8V LPGLPG517,7-1252022
FordB-MAX 1,4 l LPGLPG647,9-1272016
FordC-MAX 1,6 l LPGLPG867,9-1272018
FordFiesta 1,4 l LPGLPG687,1-1142017
FordFocus 1,6 l Ti-VCT LPGLPG867,7-1232017
FordFocus Turnier 1,6 l Ti-VCT LPGLPG867,7-1232017
Hyundaii10 1.0 LPGLPG496,5-1042018
KiaPicanto 1.0 LPGLPG496,2-1002017
OpelAdam 1.4 ECOTEC LPGLPG647,4-1212018
OpelAstra Limousine 1.4 ECOTEC LPGLPG1038,1-1312018
OpelAstra Sports Tourer 1.4 LPGLPG1038,2-1252016
OpelCorsa 1.4 ECOTEC LPGLPG667,8-1272018
OpelCrossland X 1.2 ECOTEC LPGLPG556,9-1112018
OpelInsignia 1.4 LPGLPG1037,9-1282016
OpelInsignia Sports Tourer 1.4 LPGLPG1038,2-1332016
OpelKarl 1.0 LPG ECOTECLPG545,7-932018
OpelMeriva 1.4 LPG ecoFLEXLPG887,4-1212017
OpelMokka 1.4 LPGLPG1037,6-1242017
OpelMokka X 1.4 ECOTEC LPGLPG1037,7-1392018
OpelZafira 1.4 ECOTEC LPGLPG1039,2-1492018
RenaultCaptur TCe 100 LPGLPG747,5-1262022
RenaultClio TCe 100 LPGLPG747,0-1212022
Hyundaiix35 Fuel CellFCEV1000,95-02018
ToyotaMirai (1. Generation)FCEV1130,76-02020
JeepGrand Cherokee 3.6l V6 FlexFuel PENTASTARFFV21013,8-2252016
Audie-tron 50 quattroEV230-25,702022
Audie-tron 55 quattroEV300-26,102022
Audie-tron S quattroEV370-28,402022
Audie-tron Sportback 50 quattroEV230-25,402022
Audie-tron Sportback 55 quattroEV300-25,902022
Audie-tron S Sportback quattroEV370-28,102022
AudiQ4 e-tron 35EV125-19,102022
AudiQ4 Sportback e-tron 35EV125-18,702022
BMWi3 (60 Ah)EV125-12,902017
BMWi3 (94 Ah)EV125-13,602018
BMWi3s (94 Ah)EV135-14,302018
BMWi3 (120 Ah)EV125-16,302022
BMWi3s (120 Ah)EV135-16,602022
CitroenBerlingo Electric L1EV49-17,702018
CitroenBerlingo Electric L2EV49-17,702018
CitroenE-MEHARI MJ 2018 styled by CourregesEV50-20,002018
CitroenE-MEHARI Hardtop-VersionEV50-20,002019
CitroenE-MEHARI Softtop-VersionEV50-20,002019
Citroene-SPACETOURER XS (100 kW Elektromotor, 50 kW Batterie)EV100-25,802021
DS AutomobilesDS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSEEV100-18,302022
e.GO Mobilee.GO Life 40+EV41-18,702020
e.GO Mobilee.GO Life 60EV57-15,502020
FiatE-Scudo Kastenwagen L1 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-28,402022
FordFocus ElectricEV108-16,402018
HyundaiIONIQ Elektro (88 kW)EV88-11,502019
HyundaiIONIQ 5 (173 kW, 58 kWh, AWD)EV173-18,102022
HyundaiIONIQ 5 (160 kW, 72,6 kWh)EV160-17,102022
HyundaiIONIQ 5 (225 kW, 72,6 kWh, AWD)EV225-18,802022
JaguarI-PACE EV320 AWDEV235-23,002021
Kiae-Niro (100 kW, 39,2 kWh Batterie)EV100-15,302022
Kiae-Niro (150 kW, 64 kWh Batterie)EV150-15,902022
Kiae-Soul 136 (100 kW, 39,2 kWh Batterie)EV100-15,602023
KiaSoul EVEV81-14,302019
Mercedes-BenzB 250 e Sports TourerEV132-16,602017
Mercedes-BenzEQE 350+EV215-18,702022
Mercedes-BenzEQS 350EV215-20,002022
Mercedes-BenzeVito Kastenwagen 111 LangEV85-24,902022
Mercedes-BenzeVito Kastenwagen 111 ExtralangEV85-24,902022
Mercedes-BenzeVito Tourer (Lange Version)EV85-24,202020
Mercedes-BenzeVito Tourer (Extralange Version)EV85-24,202020
MitsubishiElectric VehicleEV49-12,502016
Nissane-NV200 EVALIA (24 kWh Batterie)EV80-16,502018
Nissane-NV200 EVALIA (40 kWh Batterie)EV80-25,902022
Nissane-NV200 Kastenwagen (24 kWh Batterie)EV80-16,502018
Nissane-NV200 Kastenwagen (40 kWh Batterie)EV80-25,902022
Nissane-NV200 Kombi (24 kWh Batterie)EV80-16,502018
Nissane-NV200 Kombi (40 kWh Batterie)EV80-25,902022
NissanLeaf (24 kWh, ZE0)EV80-15,002017
NissanLeaf (30 kWh, ZE0)EV80-15,002017
NissanLeaf e+ 3.ZERO Option (Limitierte Edition)EV160-20,602019
OpelVivaro-e Cargo S (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,102021
OpelVivaro-e Kombi S (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,102021
OpelZafira-e Life S (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,102021
Peugeote-Expert Kastenwagen L1 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-23,802023
Peugeote-Expert Kombi L1 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-25,702021
PeugeotPartner Electric Kastenwagen L1EV49-17,702020
PeugeotPartner Electric Kastenwagen L2EV49-17,702020
PolestarPolestar 2 Standard Range Single MotorEV165--02022
PolestarPolestar 2 Standard Range Single Motor (69 kWh Batterie)EV170-16,702023
PolestarPolestar 2 Long Range Single MotorEV170-17,102023
PolestarPolestar 2 Long Range Dual MotorEV300-19,402023
RenaultKangoo Z.E. 33EV44-18,502022
RenaultKangoo Maxi Z.E. 33EV44-18,502022
RenaultZOE LIFE BOSE Edition (Motor R110)EV80-16,302018
RenaultZOE LIFE (Motor R90)EV68-18,902019
RenaultZOE LIFE Z.E. 40 (Motor R90)EV68-16,902019
RenaultZOE LIFE LIMITED (Motor R110)EV80-17,502019
RenaultZOE E-TECH R110/Z.E. 40EV80-17,202022
SeatMii electricEV61-14,902020
SkodaCITIGOe iVEV61-12,902020
SkodaEnyaq iV 50EV109-15,902022
SkodaEnyaq iV 60EV132-16,002022
SkodaEnyaq iV 60EV132-19,202023
SkodaEnyaq iV 80XEV195-16,102022
SkodaEnyaq iV 80XEV195-21,602023
SmartEQ forfourEV60-16,802022
TeslaModel S 60EV235--02017
TeslaModel S 60DEV244--02017
TeslaModel S 70EV235--02016
TeslaModel S 70DEV244--02016
TeslaModel S 75EV235--02017
TeslaModel S 75DEV--18,602018
TeslaModel S 90DEV310--02017
TeslaModel S P90DEV345--02016
TeslaModel S 100DEV--18,902019
TeslaModel S P100DEV--20,002019
TeslaModel S Standard ReichweiteEV---02019
TeslaModel S Maximale ReichweiteEV---02020
TeslaModel S Maximale ReichweiteEV---02022
TeslaModel S PlaidEV---02022
TeslaModel S PerformanceEV---02020
TeslaModel X 75DEV--20,802018
TeslaModel X 90DEV386--02017
TeslaModel X 100DEV--20,802019
TeslaModel X P100DEV--22,602019
TeslaModel X Standard ReichweiteEV---02019
TeslaModel X Maximale ReichweiteEV---02020
TeslaModel X PerformanceEV---02020
TeslaModel X Maximale ReichweiteEV---02022
TeslaModel X PlaidEV---02022
ToyotaProace Verso Electric L1 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,602022
ToyotaProace Verso Electric L2 (50 kWh Batterie)EV100-26,602022
VolvoC40 Recharge Pure Electric Single MotorEV170-19,702023
VolvoC40 Recharge Pure Electric Twin MotorEV150+150-22,302023
VolvoXC40 Recharge Pure Electric Single MotorEV170-20,002023
VolvoXC40 Recharge Pure Electric Twin MotorEV150+150-25,002023
VWe-Golf (Golf VII vor Facelift)EV85-12,702016
VWe-Golf (Golf VII nach Facelift)EV100-13,802020
VWe-load up!EV60-11,702019
VWe-up! (18,7 kWh Batterie)EV60-11,702019
VWe-up! (32,3 kWh Batterie)EV61-12,902020
VWID.3 Pure (110 kW, 45 kWh Batterie)EV110-15,002022
VWID.3 Pro (107 kW, 58 kWh Batterie)EV107-15,402022
VWID.3 Pro Performance Upgrade (150 kW, 58 kWh Batterie)EV150-15,402022
VWID.4 Pure (109 kW, 52 kWh Batterie)EV109-16,802022
VWID.4 Pure Performance Upgrade (125 kW, 52 kWh Batterie)EV125-16,702022
VWID.4 Pure (125 kW, 52 kWh Batterie)EV125-16,802022
AudiA3 Sportback 30 g-tron S tronicCNG963,5-962020
AudiA3 Sportback g-tron 1.4 TFSICNG813,6-982018
AudiA3 Sportback g-tron 1.4 TFSI S tronicCNG813,5-952018
AudiA4 Avant g-tron 2.0 TFSICNG1254,3-1172018
AudiA4 Avant g-tron 2.0 TFSI S tronicCNG1254,2-1112018
AudiA5 Sportback g-tron 2.0 TFSICNG1254,2-1142018
AudiA5 Sportback g-tron 2.0 TFSI S tronicCNG1254,1-1102018
AudiA5 Sportback 40 g-tron S tronicCNG1254,1-1112019
Fiat500L Urban 0.9 8V TwinAir Natural Power GasCNG593,9-1052018
FiatDoblo 1.4 16V T-Jet Natural PowerCNG884,9-1362020
FiatDoblo Cargo Kastenwagen 1.4 T-Jet 16V Natural PowerCNG886,1-1622021
FiatDoblo Cargo Kastenwagen Maxi 1.4 T-Jet 16V Natural PowerCNG886,1-1622021
FiatDoblo Cargo Kombi 1.4 T-Jet 16V Natural PowerCNG885,9-1612020
FiatFiorino 1.4 Natural Power KastenwagenCNG515,0-1372020
FiatFiorino 1.4 Natural Power KombiCNG515,0-1372020
FiatPanda 0.9 8V TwinAir Natural PowerCNG523,6-972020
FiatPanda 0.9 8V TwinAir Natural PowerCNG52---2022
FiatPunto 1.4 8V Natural PowerCNG514,2-1152019
FiatQubo 1.4 8V Natural PowerCNG513,1-1392020
Mercedes-BenzB 200 c Sports TourerCNG1154,4-1192017
Mercedes-BenzB 200 c Sports Tourer 7G-DCTCNG1154,4-1192017
OpelAstra 1.4 ECOTEC CNGCNG814,7-1292019
OpelAstra Sports Tourer 1.4 ECOTEC CNGCNG814,8-1312019
OpelCombo 1.4 CNG TurboCNG884,9-1342017
OpelCombo Kastenwagen L1H1 1.4 CNG TurboCNG885,0-1382018
OpelCombo Kastenwagen L1H2 1.4 CNG TurboCNG885,0-1382018
OpelCombo Kastenwagen L2H1 1.4 CNG TurboCNG885,0-1382018
OpelZafira 1.6 ECOTEC CNGCNG1105,0-1362018
SeatArona 1.0 TGICNG663,5-952023
SeatIbiza 1.0 TGI Start&StopCNG663,3-882018
SeatIbiza 1.0 TGICNG663,5-932023
SeatLeon 1.4 TGI Start&StopCNG813,7-972018
SeatLeon 1.4 TGI Start&Stop DSGCNG813,6-962018
SeatLeon 1.5 TGICNG963,7-1022020
SeatLeon 1.5 TGI DSGCNG963,6-982020
SeatLeon 1.5 TGICNG963,7-1002023
SeatLeon 1.5 TGI DSGCNG963,7-982023
SeatLeon Sportstourer 1.5 TGICNG963,7-1022023
SeatLeon Sportstourer 1.5 TGI DSGCNG963,7-982023
SeatLeon ST 1.4 TGI Start&StopCNG813,7-972018
SeatLeon ST 1.4 TGI Start&Stop DSGCNG813,7-972018
SeatLeon ST 1.5 TGICNG963,7-1022020
SeatLeon ST 1.5 TGI DSGCNG963,6-982020
SeatMii 1.0 EcofuelCNG503,1-832019
SkodaCitigo 1,0 G-TECCNG503,0-822019
SkodaKamiq 1,0 l TGI G-TECCNG663,5-972022
SkodaOctavia 1,4 l TSI G-TECCNG813,5-942016
SkodaOctavia Limousine 1,4 l TSI G-TECCNG813,7-1012018
SkodaOctavia Limousine 1,4 l TSI DSG G-TECCNG813,6-982018
SkodaOctavia 1,5 l TGI G-TECCNG963,6-992022
SkodaOctavia 1,5 l TGI G-TEC DSGCNG963,5-952022
SkodaOctavia Combi 1,4 l TSI G-TECCNG813,7-1022018
SkodaOctavia Combi 1,4 l TSI DSG G-TECCNG813,7-992018
SkodaOctavia Combi 1,5 l TGI G-TECCNG963,6-1002022
SkodaOctavia Combi 1,5 l TGI G-TEC DSGCNG963,5-962022
SkodaScala 1,0 l TGI G-TECCNG663,5-962022
VWCaddy Kastenwagen 1,4-l-TGI Blue MotionCNG814,4-1202020
VWCaddy Kastenwagen 1,4-l-TGI Blue Motion DSGCNG814,5-1242019
VWCaddy Maxi Kastenwagen 1,4-l-TGI Blue MotionCNG814,5-1222020
VWCaddy Maxi Kastenwagen 1,4-l-TGI Blue Motion DSGCNG814,6-1272019
VWCaddy 1,4-l-TGI Blue MotionCNG814,6-1262020
VWCaddy 1,4-l-TGI Blue Motion DSGCNG814,7-1302019
VWCaddy Maxi 1,4-l-TGI Blue MotionCNG814,7-1292020
VWCaddy Maxi 1,4-l-TGI Blue Motion DSG
VWeco load up!CNG502,9-822018
VWeco up!CNG503,1-862023
VWGolf TGI BlueMotionCNG813,6-982018
VWGolf TGI BlueMotion DSGCNG813,5-952018
VWGolf TGI BlueMotionCNG963,6-982019
VWGolf TGI BlueMotion DSGCNG963,5-952020
VWGolf 1.5 TGICNG963,6-982023
VWGolf Variant TGI BlueMotionCNG813,6-982018
VWGolf Variant TGI BlueMotion DSGCNG813,5-952018
VWGolf Variant TGI BlueMotion DSGCNG963,6-992020
VWGolf Variant 1.5 TGICNG963,6-982023
VWPolo TGI BlueMotionCNG663,2-872018
VWPolo 1.0 TGICNG663,4-932023
FordMondeo Limousine 2,0 l Ti-VCT Hybrid (FHEV)HEV1384,5-1032022
FordMondeo Turnier 2,0 l Ti-VCT Hybrid (FHEV)HEV1384,7-1082022
InfinitiQ50 Hybrid ATHEV2687,9-1812020
InfinitiQ50 Hybrid AWD ATHEV2688,7-1922020
InfinitiQ70 HybridHEV2686,2-1452018
KiaNiro Hybrid (1. Generation)HEV1044,2-992022
LexusCT 200hHEV1004,4-1012021
LexusGC 300hHEV1645,0-1152018
LexusGS 450hHEV2546,2-1452018
LexusIS 300hHEV1644,8-1092022
LexusLS 600hHEV3278,6-1992017
LexusLS 600h LHEV3278,6-1992017
LexusNX 300hHEV1455,9-1352022
LexusNX 300h E-FOURHEV1456,0-1372022
LexusRC 300hHEV1645,0-1142022
LexusRX 450h E-FOURHEV2305,9-1352023
LexusRX 450hL E-FOURHEV2306,2-1402023
Mercedes-BenzC 300 h LimousineHEV1503,9-1032018
Mercedes-BenzC 300 h T-ModellHEV1504,2-1062018
Peugeot508 RXH HYbrid4HEV120+274,6-1092017
RenaultClio E-TECH 140 HybridHEV1034,0-912022
ToyotaAuris HybridHEV1004,1-942019
ToyotaAuris Touring Sports HybridHEV1004,1-942019
ToyotaCamry Hybrid 2,5 lHEV1604,4-1012022
ToyotaCorolla Limousine Hybrid 1,8 lHEV903,6-832021
ToyotaCorolla Hybrid 1,8 lHEV903,6-832023
ToyotaCorolla Hybrid 2,0 lHEV1353,9-892023
ToyotaCorolla Touring Sports Hybrid 1,8 lHEV903,6-832023
ToyotaCorolla Touring Sports Hybrid 2,0 lHEV1353,9-892023
ToyotaRAV4 HybridHEV1455,1-1182018
ToyotaRAV4 Hybrid E-FOURHEV1455,2-1222018
ToyotaYaris Hybrid (Typ XP13, 2012-2020)HEV744,0-912020
AudiA3 Sportback e-tron 1.4 TFSI S tronicPHEV1501,8-402018
AudiA3 Sportback 40 e-tronPHEV1502,2-502020
AudiA3 Sportback 40 TFSI ePHEV1501,5-342022
AudiA3 Sportback 45 TFSI ePHEV1801,5-342022
AudiA6 Avant 50 TFSI e quattroPHEV2201,6-372022
AudiA6 Avant 55 TFSI e quattroPHEV2701,6-372022
AudiA6 Limousine 50 TFSI e quattroPHEV2202,1-472020
AudiA6 Limousine 55 TFSI e quattroPHEV2702,1-472020
AudiA6 Limousine 50 TFSI e quattroPHEV2201,6-362022
AudiA6 Limousine 55 TFSI e quattroPHEV2701,6-362022
AudiA6 Avant 55 TFSI e quattroPHEV2702,1-482020
AudiA7 Sportback 50 TFSI e quattroPHEV2202,1-492020
AudiA7 Sportback 55 TFSI e quattroPHEV2702,1-482020
AudiA7 Sportback 50 TFSI e quattroPHEV2201,6-362022
AudiA7 Sportback 55 TFSI e quattroPHEV2701,6-362022
AudiA8 Limousine 60 TFSI e quattroPHEV3402,1-492022
AudiA8 L Limousine 60 TFSI e quattroPHEV3402,1-492022
AudiQ3 45 TFSI ePHEV1801,7-392022
AudiQ3 Sportback 45 TFSI ePHEV1801,7-382022
AudiQ5 50 TFSI e quattroPHEV2202,4-542020
AudiQ5 55 TFSI e quattroPHEV2702,4-542020
AudiQ5 50 TFSI e quattroPHEV2201,9-442022
AudiQ5 55 TFSI e quattroPHEV2701,9-442022
AudiQ5 Sportback 50 TFSI e quattroPHEV2202,0-452022
AudiQ5 Sportback 55 TFSI e quattroPHEV2702,0-452022
AudiQ7 e-tron 3.0 TDI quattro S tronicPHEV2751,9-502018
AudiQ7 55 TFSI e quattroPHEV2802,7-622021
AudiQ7 60 TFSI e quattroPHEV3402,7-622021
AudiQ8 55 TFSI e quattroPHEV2802,8-632021
AudiQ8 60 TFSI e quattroPHEV3402,8-632021
AudiQ8 55 TFSI e quattroPHEV2802,8-632022
AudiQ8 60 TFSI e quattroPHEV3402,8-632022
BMW225xe Active Tourer Plug-in-HybridPHEV1651,9-422020
BMW225xe Active Tourer Plug-in-HybridPHEV1621,7-392022
BMW330e iPerformance LimousinePHEV1852,1-492018
BMW520e Limousine Plug-in-HybridPHEV1501,8-412022
BMW530e Limousine Plug-in-HybridPHEV1851,8-402020
BMW530e xDrive Limousine Plug-in-HybridPHEV1852,2-502020
BMW520e Touring Plug-in-HybridPHEV1501,9-432022
BMW745e Plug-In-HybridPHEV2402,5-562018
BMW745Le Plug-In-HybridPHEV2402,5-572018
BMW745Le xDrive Plug-In-HybridPHEV2402,9-652018
BMW745e Limousine Plug-In-HybridPHEV2902,1-492023
BMW745Le Limousine Plug-In-HybridPHEV2902,2-512023
BMW745Le xDrive Limousine Plug-In-HybridPHEV2902,5-572023
BMWi3 (60 Ah) mit Range ExtenderPHEV1250,6-132017
BMWi3 (94 Ah) mit Range ExtenderPHEV1250,6-142018
BMWi3s (94 Ah) mit Range ExtenderPHEV1350,6-142018
BMWi8 CoupePHEV2660,6-492018
BMWi8 CoupePHEV2751,8-422020
BMWi8 RoadsterPHEV2752,0-462020
BMWX1 xDrive25e Plug-In-Hybrid (Baureihe F48)PHEV1622,1-472022
BMWX5 xDrive40e iPerformancePHEV2303,4-782018
DS AutomobilesDS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 225PHEV1651,6-362022
DS AutomobilesDS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4x4 300PHEV2201,7-382022
DS AutomobilesDS 9 E-TENSE 225PHEV1651,5-342022
FordC-MAX EnergiPHEV1362,0-462017
FordTransit Custom Kastenwagen LKW 1,0 l EcoBoost PHEVPHEV922,7-602021
KiaNiro Plug-in Hybrid (1. Generation)PHEV1041,3-292022
KiaOptima Limousine Plug-in HybridPHEV1511,6-372019
KiaOptima Sportswagon Plug-in HybridPHEV1511,4-332019
KiaOptima Sportswagon Plug-in HybridPHEV1511,4-332021
KiaSorento Plug-in HybridPHEV1951,6-362023
Land RoverRange Rover P400e Plug-in Hybrid (Normaler Radstand)PHEV2973,3-872022
Land RoverRange Rover P400e Plug-in Hybrid (Langer Radstand)PHEV2974,0-912022
Land RoverRange Rover Sport P400e Plug-in HybridPHEV2973,9-872022
Mercedes-BenzC 300 de LimousinePHEV2251,6-422021
Mercedes-BenzC 300 de T-ModellPHEV2251,6-432021
Mercedes-BenzC 300 e LimousinePHEV2352,0-472021
Mercedes-BenzC 300 e 4MATIC LimousinePHEV2352,3-522021
Mercedes-BenzC 300 e T-ModellPHEV2352,2-502021
Mercedes-BenzC 350 e LimousinePHEV2052,4-542018
Mercedes-BenzC 350 e T-ModellPHEV2052,4-552018
Mercedes-BenzE 300 e LimousinePHEV2352,0-462019
Mercedes-BenzE 300 e LimousinePHEV2351,8-422020
Mercedes-BenzE 350 e LimousinePHEV2102,5-572018
Mercedes-BenzGLC 300 de 4MATIC SUVPHEV2252,0-532022
Mercedes-BenzGLC 300 e 4MATIC SUVPHEV2352,5-582022
Mercedes-BenzGLC 350 e 4MATICPHEV2352,7-642018
Mercedes-BenzGLC Coupe 350 e 4MATICPHEV2352,7-642018
Mercedes-BenzGLE 500 e 4MATICPHEV3253,7-842018
Mercedes-BenzS 560 e (langer Radstand)PHEV3502,6-592020
MINICountryman Cooper S E ALL4PHEV1652,1-472020
MitsubishiOutlander Plug-in HybridPHEV1651,8-402022
MitsubishiPlug-in Hybrid Outlander (Modell bis 2018)PHEV89+60+601,8-402018
PorscheCayenne S E-HybridPHEV3063,4-792017
PorscheCayenne S E-Hybrid Platinum EditionPHEV3063,4-792017
PorschePanamera S E-HybridPHEV3063,1-712016
PorschePanamera 4 E-HybridPHEV3402,7-622020
PorschePanamera 4 E-Hybrid ExecutivePHEV3402,7-622020
PorschePanamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport TurismoPHEV3402,9-592020
PorschePanamera Turbo S E-HybridPHEV5003,3-742020
PorschePanamera Turbo S E-Hybrid ExecutivePHEV5003,3-742020
PorschePanamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport TurismoPHEV5003,3-762020
SeatLeon 1.4 e-HYBRIDPHEV1501,3-292022
SeatLeon Sportstourer 1.4 e-HYBRIDPHEV1501,3-292022
SeatTarraco 1.4 e-HYBRIDPHEV1802,1-472022
SkodaOctavia iV 1.4 l TSI Plug-In-HybridPHEV1501,2-282022
SkodaOctavia Combi iV 1.4 l TSI Plug-In-HybridPHEV1501,4-312022
SkodaSuperb iV 1,4 l TSI Plug-In-HybridPHEV1601,5-352022
SkodaSuperb Combi iV 1,4 TSI Plug-In-HybridPHEV1601,7-382022
ToyotaPrius Plug-in Hybrid (Prius 3. Generation)PHEV1002,1-492016
ToyotaPrius Plug-in Hybrid (Prius 4. Generation)PHEV901,3-192022
VolvoS60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T8 AWDPHEV223+652,1-462022
VolvoS90 T8 Twin Engine AWDPHEV235+652,2-482018
VolvoS90 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T8 AWDPHEV223+6562,7-612022
VolvoV60 D6 Twin Engine AWDPHEV162+501,8-482018
VolvoV60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T6 AWDPHEV186+652,1-462022
VolvoV60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T8 AWDPHEV223+652,1-462022
VolvoV90 T8 Twin Engine AWDPHEV235+652,2-492018
VolvoV90 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T6 AWDPHEV186+652,7-612022
VolvoV90 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T8 AWDPHEV223+652,7-612022
VolvoXC60 T8 Twin Engine AWDPHEV235+652,4-552018
VolvoXC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T6 AWDPHEV186+652,8-642022
VolvoXC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T8 AWDPHEV223+652,8-642022
VolvoXC90 T8 Twin Engine AWDPHEV235+652,6-592018
VolvoXC90 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T8 AWDPHEV223+653,4-762022
VWArteon 1.4 eHybridPHEV1601,1-262022
VWArteon Shooting Brake 1.4 eHybridPHEV1601,1-272022
VWGolf GTE 1,4 TSI Plug-in HybridPHEV1502,1-472020
VWGolf 1.4 eHybridPHEV1501,4-312022
VWGolf GTE 1.4 eHybridPHEV1801,5-342022
VWMultivan 1.4 eHybrid (kurzer Ueberhang)PHEV1601,5-342022
VWMultivan 1.4 eHybrid (langer Ueberhang)PHEV1601,6-372022
VWPassat GTEPHEV1601,8-402018
VWPassat GTE Limousine 1.4 eHybridPHEV1601,5-342022
VWPassat GTE VariantPHEV1601,8-402018
VWPassat GTE Variant 1.4 eHybridPHEV1601,6-372022
VWTiguan 1.4 eHybridPHEV1801,6-372022
VWTouareg 3.0 V6 eHybrid 4MOTIONPHEV2802,6-592022
in kW
Fuel Consumption
in l (kg)/100 km
Electric Energy Consumption
in kWh/100 km
CO2 Emissions
in g/km
End of

Technical data correspond to the specifications of the respective manufacturer with status at the end of production.

What are cars with alternative drive systems or alternative fuels?

A car with an alternative drive system or a car with an alternative fuel is a car that has a drive system or a fuel other than petrol or diesel in conjunction with a combustion engine. The cars with an alternative drive include those with a partial electrical drive, such as hybrid cars or plug-in hybrids, or fully electrified ones, such as battery-operated electric cars or fuel cell cars. In a hybrid drive, a combination of a combustion engine and an electric motor is used.

The electrical energy for this is stored by a battery, which can also be charged via an external power source in the case of a plug-in hybrid car. In a purely electric car, the electric current is provided by a battery for propulsion, in a fuel cell car it is generated by the chemical reaction of the hydrogen and oxygen in the vehicle. Alternative fuels include fossil fuels, such as LPG and natural gas, and biofuels, such as bioethanol. Such fuels are used as a replacement or supplement to petrol in a suitably optimised or equipped car with a combustion engine.

Information on the tables

The upper table provides an up-to-date market overview of all new cars with alternative powertrains and fuels that are in series production and are offered on the German market. The table below lists the models of cars with an alternative drive or fuel that have already been phased out and are no longer produced but may be available as used cars. In addition to the name of the respective manufacturer and the model designation, the overviews provide information on the most important technical data and prices of the vehicles.

In addition to the type of drive used, the engine output or system output for hybrid drives is also given. The values for fuel consumption per 100 kilometers, power consumption and CO2 emissions were determined by the automobile manufacturers according to a standardized procedure. The prices and the selected technical data allow a comparison of all available cars with an alternative drive or an alternative fuel with each other. The tables can be filtered and sorted using the search function.