Overview of alternative drive and fuel vehicles

List of cars with alternative drive and fuel available in Germany and Europe in 2019

Market overview of all new cars offered in Germany with alternative drive systems and fuels – List of vehicles with alternative fuels (CNG and LPG) as well as vehicles with alternative drive systems (fuel cell vehicles FCEV, electric cars EV, hybrid cars HEV and plug-in hybrid cars PHEV) in series production

in kW
Fuel Consumption
in l (kg)/100 km
Electric Energy Consumption
in kWh/100 km
CO2 Emissions
in g/km
Price in Euro
(including German Tax)
in kW
Fuel Consumption
in l (kg)/100 km
Electric Energy Consumption
in kWh/100 km
CO2 Emissions
in g/km
Price in Euro
(including German Tax)
DaciaDokker SCe 110 LPGLPG799,1-14811.600
DaciaDokker Express SCe 100 LPGLPG758,2-13211.186
DaciaDuster SCe 115 LPG 2WDLPG808,7-14114.700
DaciaLodgy SCe 110 LPGLPG798,4-13712.200
DaciaLogan MCV TCe 90 LPGLPG667,2-11711.350
DaciaSandero TCe 90 LPGLPG667,2-11710.250
Fiat500 1.2 8V LPGLPG517,3-11815.490
FiatPanda 1.2 8V LPGLPG516,5-10612.140
Audie-tron 55 quattroEV265-26,2079.900
BMWi3 (120 Ah)EV125-13,1038.000
BMWi3s (120 Ah)EV135-14,6041.600
CitroenE-MEHARI Hardtop-VersionEV50-20,0026.470
CitroenE-MEHARI Softtop-VersionEV50-20,0025.270
HyundaiIONIQ ElektroEV88-11,5033.300
HyundaiKona Elektro (100 kW)EV100-15,0034.600
HyundaiKona Elektro (150 kW)EV150-15,4039.000
JaguarI-PACE EV400 AWDEV294-24,8078.240
Kiae-Niro (100 kW)EV100-15,3034.290
Kiae-Niro (150 kW)EV150-15,9038.090
KiaSoul EVEV81-14,3029.490
Nissane-NV200 EVALIA (40 kWh Batterie)EV80-25,9043.433
Nissane-NV200 Kastenwagen (40 kWh Batterie)EV80-25,9034.105
NissanLeaf e+ 3.ZERO Option (Limitierte Edition)EV160-20,6046.500
RenaultKangoo Z.E. 33EV44-15,2035.605
RenaultKangoo Maxi Z.E. 33EV44-15,2037.033
RenaultMaster Z.E.EV57-21,0071.281
RenaultTwizy 45EV7,6-5,806.950
RenaultZOE LIFE (Motor R90)EV68-17,2029.900
RenaultZOE LIFE Z.E. 40 (Motor R90)EV68-16,934.100
RenaultZOE LIFE LIMITED (Motor R110)EV80-17,5035.900
SmartEQ fortwoEV60-15,7021.940
SmartEQ fortwo cabrioEV60-15,8025.200
SmartEQ forfourEV60-16,422.600
TeslaModel 3 Long-RangeEV---055.400
TeslaModel 3 PerformanceEV---066.100
TeslaModel S 100DEV--18,9109.400
TeslaModel S P100DEV--20,00146.400
TeslaModel X 100DEV--20,80115.980
TeslaModel X P100DEV--22,60157.880
VWe-load up!EV60-11,723.895
FiatDoblo 1.4 16V T-Jet Natural PowerCNG884,9-13622.610
FiatDoblo Cargo Kastenwagen 1.4 T-Jet 16V Natural PowerCNG885,9-16122.527
FiatDoblo Cargo Kastenwagen Maxi 1.4 T-Jet 16V Natural PowerCNG885,9-16123.598
FiatDoblo Cargo Kombi 1.4 T-Jet 16V Natural PowerCNG885,9-16123.860
FiatFiorino 1.4 Natural Power KastenwagenCNG515,0-13716.232
FiatFiorino 1.4 Natural Power KombiCNG515,0-13717.707
FiatPanda 0.9 8V TwinAir Natural PowerCNG523,6-9714.440
FiatPunto 1.4 8V Natural PowerCNG514,2-11515.990
FiatQubo 1.4 8V Natural PowerCNG513,1-13916.210
OpelAstra 1.4 ECOTEC CNGCNG814,7-12925.270
OpelAstra Sports Tourer 1.4 ECOTEC CNGCNG814,8-13126.270
SeatLeon 1.5 TGICNG963,8-10223.650
SeatLeon 1.5 TGI DSGCNG963,7-9825.350
SeatLeon ST 1.5 TGICNG963,8-10224.850
SeatLeon ST 1.5 TGI DSGCNG963,7-9826.550
SeatMii 1.0 EcofuelCNG503,1-8313.960
VWCaddy Kastenwagen 1,4-l-TGI Blue MotionCNG814,4-12024.181
VWCaddy Kastenwagen 1,4-l-TGI Blue Motion DSGCNG814,5-12426.305
VWCaddy Maxi Kastenwagen 1,4-l-TGI Blue MotionCNG814,5-12226.192
VWCaddy Maxi Kastenwagen 1,4-l-TGI Blue Motion DSGCNG814,6-12728.316
VWCaddy 1,4-l-TGI Blue MotionCNG814,6-12624.282
VWCaddy 1,4-l-TGI Blue Motion DSGCNG814,7-13026.376
VWCaddy Maxi 1,4-l-TGI Blue MotionCNG814,7-12926.263
VWCaddy Maxi 1,4-l-TGI Blue Motion DSGCNG814,9-13328.358
VWeco up!CNG503,0-8213.250
FordMondeo Hybrid LimousineHEV (petrol-electric)1384,8-10839.850
FordMondeo Hybrid TurnierHEV (petrol-electric)1385,0-11341.000
HondaCR-V Hybrid 2WDHEV (petrol-electric)1355,3-12032.290
HondaCR-V Hybrid AWDHEV (petrol-electric)1355,5-12636.990
HyundaiIONIQ HybridHEV (petrol-electric)1044,2-11924.800
InfinitiQ50 Hybrid ATHEV (petrol-electric)2687,9-18149.500
InfinitiQ50 Hybrid AWD ATHEV (petrol-electric)2688,3-19055.550
KiaNiro HybridHEV (petrol-electric)1044,3-10025.390
LexusCT 200hHEV (petrol-electric)1004,1-9426.950
LexusES 300hHEV (petrol-electric)1604,6-10648.200
LexusIS 300hHEV (petrol-electric)1644,6-10738.500
LexusLC 500hHEV (petrol-electric)2646,5-14899.200
LexusLS 500hHEV (petrol-electric)2646,5-14793.300
LexusLS 500h E-FOURHEV (petrol-electric)2647,1-16196.900
LexusNX 300hHEV (petrol-electric)1455,2-12141.250
LexusNX 300h E-FOURHEV (petrol-electric)1455,3-12342.950
LexusRC 300hHEV (petrol-electric)1645,0-11648.150
LexusRX 450h E-FOURHEV (petrol-electric)2305,9-13458.900
LexusRX 450hL E-FOURHEV (petrol-electric)2306,0-13867.000
LexusUX 250hHEV (petrol-electric)1314,3-10335.900
ToyotaAuris HybridHEV (petrol-electric)1004,1-9423.790
ToyotaAuris Touring Sports HybridHEV (petrol-electric)1004,1-9424.990
ToyotaC-HR HybridHEV (petrol-electric)903,8-8627.790
ToyotaPriusHEV (petrol-electric)903,6-8228.450
ToyotaPrius+HEV (petrol-electric)1004,9-11232.390
ToyotaRAV4 HybridHEV (petrol-electric)1604,7-10532.990
ToyotaRAV4 Hybrid AWD-i AllradantriebHEV (petrol-electric)1634,8-10737.090
ToyotaYaris HybridHEV (petrol-electric)744,0-9118.240
BMW225xe iPerformance Active TourerPHEV (petrol-electric)1652,513,75739.650
BMW530e iPerformance LimousinePHEV (petrol-electric)1852,213,94956.000
BMW745e Plug-In-HybridPHEV (petrol-electric)2902,315,652101.000
BMW745Le Plug-In-HybridPHEV (petrol-electric)2902,315,753106.400
BMW745Le xDrive Plug-In-HybridPHEV (petrol-electric)2902,616,359109.800
BMWi8 CoupePHEV (petrol-electric)2751,81442138.000
BMWi8 RoadsterPHEV (petrol-electric)2752,014,546155.000
HyundaiIONIQ Plug-in-HybridPHEV (petrol-electric)1041,110,32629.900
KiaNiro Plug-in HybridPHEV (petrol-electric)1041,310,52932.750
KiaOptima Limousine Plug-in HybridPHEV (petrol-electric)1511,612,23740.740
KiaOptima Sportswagon Plug-in HybridPHEV (petrol-electric)1511,412,33342.190
Land RoverRange Rover P400e Plug-in Hybrid (Normaler Radstand)PHEV (petrol-electric)2973,122,572120.000
Land RoverRange Rover P400e Plug-in Hybrid (Langer Radstand)PHEV (petrol-electric)2973,222,573125.600
Land RoverRange Rover Sport P400e Plug-in HybridPHEV (petrol-electric)2973,222,57388.000
Mercedes-BenzE 300 de LimousinePHEV (diesel-electric)2251,6-4154.776
Mercedes-BenzE 300 de T-ModellPHEV (diesel-electric)2251,7-4457.566
Mercedes-BenzE 300 e LimousinePHEV (petrol-electric)2352,0-4655.097
Mercedes-BenzS 560 e (langer Radstand)PHEV (petrol-electric)3502,6-59114.317
MINICountryman Cooper S E ALL4PHEV (petrol-electric)1652,513,75637.500
MitsubishiPlug-in Hybrid OutlanderPHEV (petrol-electric)99+60+701,814,84037.990
PorscheCayenne E-HybridPHEV (petrol-electric)3403,420,97889.822
PorschePanamera 4 E-HybridPHEV (petrol-electric)3402,515,956109.219
PorschePanamera 4 E-Hybrid ExecutivePHEV (petrol-electric)3402,515,956116.716
PorschePanamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport TurismoPHEV (petrol-electric)3402,615,959112.075
PorschePanamera Turbo S E-HybridPHEV (petrol-electric)5003,316,074187.878
PorschePanamera Turbo S E-Hybrid ExecutivePHEV (petrol-electric)5003,31674201.325
PorschePanamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport TurismoPHEV (petrol-electric)5003,318,176190.734
ToyotaPrius Plug-in HybridPHEV (petrol-electric)901,07,22239.600
VolvoS90 T8 Twin Engine AWDPHEV (petrol-electric)223+652,915,66671.060
VolvoV60 T8 Twin Engine AWDPHEV (petrol-electric)223+652,514,75760.350
VolvoV90 T8 Twin Engine AWDPHEV (petrol-electric)223+652,915,66674.100
VolvoXC60 T8 Twin Engine AWDPHEV (petrol-electric)223+653,416,07871.250
VolvoXC90 T8 Twin Engine AWDPHEV (petrol-electric)223+652,816,68581.600

Prices and other data correspond to those of the respective automobile manufacturer in 2019.

List of cars with alternative drive and fuel available until 2018

Market overview of all cars with alternative drive systems and fuels offered in Germany up to and including 2018

in kW
Fuel Consumption
in l (kg)/100 km
Electric Energy Consumption
in kWh/100 km
CO2 Emissions
in g/km
End of
in kW
Fuel Consumption
in l (kg)/100 km
Electric Energy Consumption
in kWh/100 km
CO2 Emissions
in g/km
End of
DaciaDokker SCe 100 LPGLPG758,2-1322018
DaciaDokker Express 1.6 MPI LPG 85LPG599,3-1492016
DaciaDuster SCe 115 LPG 4x2LPG848,1-1302018
DaciaLodgy SCe 100 LPGLPG757,8-1252018
FordB-MAX 1,4 l LPGLPG647,9-1272016
FordC-MAX 1,6 l LPGLPG867,9-1272018
FordFiesta 1,4 l LPGLPG687,1-1142017
FordFocus 1,6 l Ti-VCT LPGLPG867,7-1232017
FordFocus Turnier 1,6 l Ti-VCT LPGLPG867,7-1232017
Hyundaii10 1.0 LPGLPG496,5-1042018
KiaPicanto 1.0 LPGLPG496,2-1002017
OpelAdam 1.4 ECOTEC LPGLPG647,4-1212018
OpelAstra Limousine 1.4 ECOTEC LPGLPG1038,1-1312018
OpelAstra Sports Tourer 1.4 LPGLPG1038,2-1252016
OpelCorsa 1.4 ECOTEC LPGLPG667,8-1272018
OpelCrossland X 1.2 ECOTEC LPGLPG606,9-1112018
OpelInsignia 1.4 LPGLPG1037,9-1282016
OpelInsignia Sports Tourer 1.4 LPGLPG1038,2-1332016
OpelMeriva 1.4 LPG ecoFLEXLPG887,4-1212017
OpelKarl 1.0 LPG ECOTECLPG545,7-932018
OpelMokka 1.4 LPGLPG1037,6-1242017
OpelMokka X 1.4 ECOTEC LPGLPG1037,7-1392018
OpelZafira 1.4 ECOTEC LPGLPG1039,2-1492018
Hyundaiix35 Fuel CellFCEV1000,95-02018
BMWi3 (60 Ah)EV125-12,902017
BMWi3 (94 Ah)EV125-13,602018
BMWi3s (94 Ah)EV135-14,302018
CitroenBerlingo Electric L1EV49-17,702018
CitroenBerlingo Electric L2EV49-17,702018
CitroenE-Mehari "styled by Courreges"EV50-20,002018
FordFocus ElectricEV108-16,402018
Mercedes-BenzB 250 e Sports TourerEV132-16,602017
MitsubishiElectric VehicleEV49-12,502016
Nissane-NV200 EVALIA (24 kWh Batterie)EV80-16,502018
Nissane-NV200 Kastenwagen (24 kWh Batterie)EV80-16,502018
Nissane-NV200 Kombi (24 kWh Batterie)EV80-16,502018
NissanLeaf (24 kWh, ZE0)EV80-15,002017
NissanLeaf (30 kWh, ZE0)EV80-15,002017
PeugeotPartner Electric Kastenwagen L1EV49-17,702018
PeugeotPartner Electric Kastenwagen L2EV49-17,702018
RenaultZOE LIFE BOSE Edition (Motor R110)EV80-16,302018
TeslaModel S 60EV235--02017
TeslaModel S 60DEV244--02017
TeslaModel S 70EV235--02016
TeslaModel S 70DEV244--02016
TeslaModel S 75EV235--02017
TeslaModel S 75DEV--18,602018
TeslaModel S 90DEV310--02017
TeslaModel S P90DEV345--02016
TeslaModel X 75DEV--20,802018
TeslaModel X 90DEV386--02017
VWe-Golf (vor Facelift)EV85-12,702016
AudiA3 Sportback g-tron 1.4 TFSICNG813,6-982018
AudiA3 Sportback g-tron 1.4 TFSI S tronicCNG813,5-952018
AudiA4 Avant g-tron 2.0 TFSICNG1254,3-1172018
AudiA4 Avant g-tron 2.0 TFSI S tronicCNG1254,2-1112018
AudiA5 Sportback g-tron 2.0 TFSICNG1254,2-1142018
AudiA5 Sportback g-tron 2.0 TFSI S tronicCNG1254,1-1102018
Fiat500L Urban 0.9 8V TwinAir Natural Power GasCNG593,9-1052018
Mercedes-BenzB 200 c Sports TourerCNG1154,4-1192017
Mercedes-BenzB 200 c Sports Tourer 7G-DCTCNG1154,4-1192017
OpelCombo 1.4 CNG TurboCNG884,9-1342017
OpelCombo Kastenwagen L1H1 1.4 CNG TurboCNG885,0-1382018
OpelCombo Kastenwagen L1H2 1.4 CNG TurboCNG885,0-1382018
OpelCombo Kastenwagen L2H1 1.4 CNG TurboCNG885,0-1382018
OpelZafira 1.6 ECOTEC CNGCNG1105,0-1362018
SeatIbiza 1.0 TGI Start&StopCNG663,3-882018
SeatLeon 1.4 TGI Start&StopCNG813,7-962018
SeatLeon 1.4 TGI Start&Stop DSGCNG813,6-962018
SeatLeon ST 1.4 TGI Start&StopCNG813,7-962018
SeatLeon ST 1.4 TGI Start&Stop DSGCNG813,7-962018
SkodaCitigo 1,0 l G-TECCNG502,9-822018
SkodaOctavia 1,4 l TSI G-TECCNG813,5-942016
SkodaOctavia Limousine 1,4 l TSI G-TECCNG813,7-1012018
SkodaOctavia Limousine 1,4 l TSI DSG G-TECCNG813,6-982018
SkodaOctavia Combi 1,4 l TSI G-TECCNG813,7-1022018
SkodaOctavia Combi 1,4 l TSI DSG G-TECCNG813,7-992018
VWeco load up!CNG502,9-822018
VWGolf TGI BlueMotionCNG813,6-982018
VWGolf TGI BlueMotion DSGCNG813,5-952018
VWGolf Variant TGI BlueMotionCNG813,6-982018
VWGolf Variant TGI BlueMotion DSGCNG813,5-952018
VWPolo TGI BlueMotionCNG663,2-872018
JeepGrand Cherokee 3.6l V6 FlexFuel PENTASTARFFV21013,8-2252016
InfinitiQ70 HybridHEV (petrol-electric)2686,2-1452018
LexusGS 300hHEV (petrol-electric)1645,0-1152018
LexusGS 450hHEV (petrol-electric)2546,2-1452018
LexusLS 600hHEV (petrol-electric)3278,6-1992017
LexusLS 600h LHEV (petrol-electric)3278,6-1992017
Mercedes-BenzC 300 h LimousineHEV (diesel-electric)1503,9-1032018
Mercedes-BenzC 300 h T-ModellHEV (diesel-electric)1504,2-1062018
Peugeot508 RXH HYbrid4HEV (diesel-electric)120+274,6-1092017
ToyotaRAV4 HybridHEV (petrol-electric)1455,1-1182018
ToyotaRAV4 Hybrid E-FOURHEV (petrol-electric)1455,2-1222018
AudiA3 Sportback e-tron 1.4 TFSI S tronicPHEV (petrol-electric)1501,812,0402018
AudiQ7 e-tron 3.0 TDI quattro S tronicPHEV (diesel-electric)2751,919,0502018
BMW330e iPerformance LimousinePHEV (petrol-electric)1852,111,9492018
BMW740e iPerformance LimousinePHEV (petrol-electric)2402,513,9562018
BMW740Le iPerformance LimousinePHEV (petrol-electric)2402,514,0572018
BMW740Le xDrive iPerformance LimousinePHEV (petrol-electric)2402,914,8652018
BMWi3 (60 Ah) mit Range ExtenderPHEV (petrol-electric)1250,613,5132017
BMWi3 (94 Ah mit Range Extender)PHEV (petrol-electric)1250,612,3142018
BMWi3s (94 Ah mit Range Extender)PHEV (petrol-electric)1350,612,5142018
BMWi8 CoupePHEV (petrol-electric)2662,111,9492018
BMWX5 xDrive40e iPerformancePHEV (petrol-electric)2303,415,4782018
FordC-MAX EnergiPHEV (petrol-electric)1362,0-462017
Mercedes-BenzC 350 e LimousinePHEV (petrol-electric)2052,413,2542018
Mercedes-BenzC 350 e T-ModellPHEV (petrol-electric)2052,413,8552018
Mercedes-BenzE 350 e LimousinePHEV (petrol-electric)2102,514,0572018
Mercedes-BenzGLC 350 e 4MATICPHEV (petrol-electric)2352,715,2642018
Mercedes-BenzGLC Coupe 350 e 4MATICPHEV (petrol-electric)2352,715,2642018
Mercedes-BenzGLE 500 e 4MATICPHEV (petrol-electric)3253,7-842018
MitsubishiPlug-in Hybrid Outlander (Modell bis 2018)PHEV (petrol-electric)89+60+601,814,8402018
PorscheCayenne S E-HybridPHEV (petrol-electric)3063,420,8792017
PorscheCayenne S E-Hybrid Platinum EditionPHEV (petrol-electric)3063,420,8792017
PorschePanamera S E-HybridPHEV (petrol-electric)3063,116,2712016
ToyotaPrius Plug-in Hybrid (Prius 3. Generation)PHEV (petrol-electric)1002,15,2492016
VolvoS90 T8 Twin Engine AWDPHEV (petrol-electric)235+652,216,5482018
VolvoV60 D6 Twin Engine AWDPHEV (diesel-electric)162+501,813,3482018
VolvoV90 T8 Twin Engine AWDPHEV (petrol-electric)235+652,216,8492018
VolvoXC60 T8 Twin Engine AWDPHEV (petrol-electric)235+652,421,4552018
VolvoXC90 T8 Twin Engine AWDPHEV (petrol-electric)235+652,618,0592018
VWGolf GTEPHEV (petrol-electric)1501,812,0402018
VWPassat GTEPHEV (petrol-electric)1601,813,7402018
VWPassat GTE VariantPHEV (petrol-electric)1601,813,9402018

Technical data correspond to the specifications of the respective manufacturer with status at the end of production.

What are cars with alternative drive systems or alternative fuels?

A car with an alternative drive system or a car with an alternative fuel is a car that has a drive system or a fuel other than petrol or diesel in conjunction with a combustion engine. The cars with an alternative drive include those with a partial electrical drive, such as hybrid cars or plug-in hybrids, or fully electrified ones, such as battery-operated electric cars or fuel cell cars. In a hybrid drive, a combination of a combustion engine and an electric motor is used. The electrical energy for this is stored by a battery, which can also be charged via an external power source in the case of a plug-in hybrid car. In a purely electric car, the electric current is provided by a battery for propulsion, in a fuel cell car it is generated by the chemical reaction of the hydrogen and oxygen in the vehicle. Alternative fuels include fossil fuels, such as LPG and natural gas, and biofuels, such as bioethanol. Such fuels are used as a replacement or supplement to petrol in a suitably optimised or equipped car with a combustion engine.

Information on the tables: The upper table provides an up-to-date market overview of all new cars with alternative powertrains and fuels that are in series production and are offered on the German market. The table below lists the models of cars with an alternative drive or fuel that have already been phased out and are no longer produced but may be available as used cars. In addition to the name of the respective manufacturer and the model designation, the overviews provide information on the most important technical data and prices of the vehicles. In addition to the type of drive used, the engine output or system output for hybrid drives is also given. The values for fuel consumption per 100 kilometers, power consumption and CO2 emissions were determined by the automobile manufacturers according to a standardized procedure. The prices and the selected technical data allow a comparison of all available cars with an alternative drive or an alternative fuel with each other. The tables can be filtered and sorted using the search function.

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