Overview of electric cars

List of battery electric cars available in Germany and Europe in 2021

Market overview of all electric cars offered in Germany – List of battery-operated electric vehicles in series production currently available on the German market

ManufacturerModelEngine Power
in kW
Top Speed
in km/h
Electric Energy Consumption
in kWh/100 km
Battery Capacity
in kWh
Electric Range
in km
Price in Euro
(including German Tax)
Audie-tron 50 quattro23019025,771,028369.100
Audie-tron 55 quattro30020026,195,036981.500
Audie-tron S quattro37021028,495,034393.800
Audie-tron Sportback 50 quattro23019025,471,038774.300
Audie-tron Sportback 55 quattro30020025,995,037386.700
Audie-tron S Sportback quattro37021028,195,034796.050
BMWi3 (120 Ah)12515016,342,228539.000
BMWi3s (120 Ah)13516016,642,227842.600
Citroene-C4 (Elektromotor 136)10015016,650,035034.640
Citroene-Jumpy XS (100 kW Elektromotor, 50 kW Batterie)10013027,050,021241.281
Citroene-Jumpy M (100 kW Elektromotor, 50 kW Batterie)10013027,050,021242.067
Citroene-Jumpy M (100 kW Elektromotor, 75 kW Batterie)10013027,075,031847.898
Citroene-Jumpy XL (100 kW Elektromotor, 50 kW Batterie)10013027,050,021243.233
Citroene-Jumpy XL (100 kW Elektromotor, 75 kW Batterie)10013027,075,031848.647
Citroene-SPACETOURER XS (100 kW Elektromotor, 50 kW Batterie)10013025,850,021655.340
Citroene-SPACETOURER M (100 kW Elektromotor, 50 kW Batterie)10013026,250,021355.900
Citroene-SPACETOURER M (100 kW Elektromotor, 75 kW Batterie)10013029,575,033061.900
Citroene-SPACETOURER XL (100 kW Elektromotor, 50 kW Batterie)10013026,550,021256.690
Citroene-SPACETOURER XL (100 kW Elektromotor, 75 kW Batterie)10013029,575,033062.690
DS AutomobilesDS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE10015018,350,032038.690
Fiat500 (23,8 kWh Batterie)7013514,923,818023.560
Fiat500 (42,0 kWh Batterie)8715014,942,029827.560
Fiat500 Cabrio (42,0 kWh Batterie)8715014,942,029830.560
FordMustang Mach-E Standard Range19818017,275,744046.900
FordMustang Mach-E Extended Range21618016,598,761054.475
FordMustang Mach-E AWD Standard Range19818019,575,740054.000
FordMustang Mach-E AWD Extended Range25818018,798,754062.900
Hondae Advance11314517,835,521038.000
HyundaiIONIQ Elektro (100 kW)10016513,838,331135.350
HyundaiKona Elektro (100 kW)10015514,339,230534.850
HyundaiKona Elektro (150 kW)15016714,764,048441.850
JaguarI-PACE EV320 AWD23518023,090,047077.300
JaguarI-PACE EV400 AWD39420023,090,047077.300
Kiae-Niro (100 kW, 39,2 kWh Batterie)10015515,339,228935.290
Kiae-Niro (150 kW, 64 kWh Batterie)15016715,964,045539.090
Kiae-Soul 136 (39,2 kWh Batterie)10015715,639,227633.990
Kiae-Soul 204 (64 kWh Batterie)15016715,764,045237.790
Mercedes-BenzEQA 25014016017,766,542647.541
Mercedes-BenzEQC 400 4MATIC30018021,580,042171.281
Mercedes-BenzEQV 300 (Lange Version)15014026,3100,041871.388
Mercedes-BenzEQV 300 (Extralange Version)15014026,4100,041772.281
Mercedes-BenzeSprinter (35 kWh Batterie)8512037,141,012064.367
Mercedes-BenzeSprinter (47 kWh Batterie)8512032,555,016873.229
Mercedes-BenzeVito Kastenwagen (Lange Version)8512024,941,015053.693
Mercedes-BenzeVito Kastenwagen (Extralange Version)8512024,941,015055.454
Mercedes-BenzeVito Tourer (Lange Version)15014026,2100,042164.248
Mercedes-BenzeVito Tourer (Extralange Version)15014026,2100,042165.141
MINICooper SE 3-Türer13515017,632,620332.500
Nissane-NV200 EVALIA (40 kWh Batterie)8012325,940,020043.433
Nissane-NV200 Kastenwagen (40 kWh Batterie)8012325,940,020034.105
Nissane-NV200 Kombi (40 kWh Batterie)8012325,940,020041.767
NissanLeaf e+16015718,562,038538.350
OpelVivaro-e Cargo S (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,150,023142.424
OpelVivaro-e Cargo M (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,150,023143.126
OpelVivaro-e Cargo M (75 kWh Batterie)10013027,375,032949.076
OpelVivaro-e Cargo L (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,150,023143.911
OpelVivaro-e Cargo L (75 kWh Batterie)10013027,375,032949.861
OpelVivaro-e Doppelkabine M (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,150,023147.481
OpelVivaro-e Doppelkabine M (75 kWh Batterie)10013027,375,032953.431
OpelVivaro-e Doppelkabine L (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,150,023148.266
OpelVivaro-e Doppelkabine L (75 kWh Batterie)10013027,375,032954.216
OpelVivaro-e Kombi S (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,150,023149.623
OpelVivaro-e Kombi M (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,150,023150.278
OpelVivaro-e Kombi M (75 kWh Batterie)10013027,375,032956.228
OpelVivaro-e Kombi L (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,150,023151.111
OpelVivaro-e Kombi L (75 kWh Batterie)10013027,375,032957.061
OpelZafira-e Life S (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,150,023156.700
OpelZafira-e Life M (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,150,023157.350
OpelZafira-e Life M (75 kWh Batterie)10013027,375,032963.350
OpelZafira-e Life L (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,150,023158.175
OpelZafira-e Life L (75 kWh Batterie)10013027,375,032964.175
Peugeote-Expert Kastenwagen L2 (50 kWh Batterie)10013024,950,021241.948
Peugeote-Expert Kastenwagen L2 (75 kWh Batterie)10013027,075,031647.898
Peugeote-Expert Kastenwagen L3 (50 kWh Batterie)10013024,950,021243.233
Peugeote-Expert Kastenwagen L3 (75 kWh Batterie)10013027,075,031648.647
Peugeote-Expert Kombi L1 (50 kWh Batterie)10013025,750,023049.080
Peugeote-Expert Kombi L2 (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,150,023049.640
Peugeote-Expert Kombi L2 (75 kWh Batterie)10013027,675,032955.640
Peugeote-Expert Kombi L3 (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,250,022850.430
Peugeote-Expert Kombi L3 (75 kWh Batterie)10013027,775,032656.430
Peugeote-Traveller L2 (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,150,022555.900
Peugeote-Traveller L2 (75 kWh Batterie)10013027,875,032261.900
Peugeote-Traveller L3 (50 kWh Batterie)10013026,450,022456.690
Peugeote-Traveller L3 (75 kWh Batterie)10013027,975,032062.690
PolestarPolestar 230019,278,047054.925
PorscheTaycan (Performancebatterie)30023024,879,225483.520
PorscheTaycan (Performancebatterie Plus)35023025,493,440789.244
PorscheTaycan 4S (Performancebatterie)39025027,079,2335106.487
PorscheTaycan 4S (Performancebatterie Plus)42025026,093,4389112.009
PorscheTaycan Turbo (Performancebatterie Plus)50026026,693,4383153.016
PorscheTaycan Turbo S (Performancebatterie Plus)56026025,693,4390186.336
RenaultKangoo Z.E. 334413027,533,022035.605
RenaultKangoo Maxi Z.E. 334413027,533,022037.033
RenaultMaster Z.E. Kastenwagen 3,1 t L1H15710021,033,019365.331
RenaultMaster Z.E. Kastenwagen 3,1 t L1H25710021,033,019369.020
RenaultMaster Z.E. Kastenwagen 3,5 t L1H2578021,033,019374.970
RenaultMaster Z.E. Kastenwagen 3,1 t L2H25710021,033,019370.210
RenaultMaster Z.E. Kastenwagen 3,5 t L2H2578021,033,019376.160
RenaultMaster Z.E. Kastenwagen 3,1 t L3H25710021,033,019371.579
RenaultMaster Z.E. Kastenwagen 3,5 t L3H2578021,033,019377.529
RenaultTwingo Elelctric6013516,321,419025.666
RenaultTwizy 457,6455,86,110011.450
RenaultZOE R110/Z.E. 408013517,241,031629.990
RenaultZOE R110/Z.E. 508013517,252,039531.990
RenaultZOE R135/Z.E. 5010014017,752,038633.990
SkodaEnyaq iV 6013216016,062,039038.850
SkodaEnyaq iV 8015016016,082,050043.950
SmartEQ fortwo6013016,017,615221.940
SmartEQ fortwo cabrio6013016,317,615025.200
SmartEQ forfour6013016,817,614522.600
TeslaModel 3 Standard Plus-225--44839.990
TeslaModel 3 Long Range-233--58049.990
TeslaModel 3 Performance-261--56754.990
TeslaModel S Maximale Reichweite-250--66386.990
TeslaModel S Plaid-322--628116.990
TeslaModel S Plaid+-322--837139.990
TeslaModel X Maximale Reichweite-250--58095.990
TeslaModel X Plaid-262--547116.990
VolvoXC40 Recharge P8 AWD Pure Electric150+15018025,078,040062.000
VWID.3 (110 kW, 45 kWh Batterie)11016015,045,034831.495
VWID.3 (110 kW, 58 kWh Batterie)11016015,458,041634.995
VWID.3 (150 kW, 58 kWh Batterie)15016015,458,039038.765
VWID.3 (150 kW, 77 kWh Batterie)15016014,177,051341.995
VWID.4 (125 kW, 52 kWh Batterie)12516016,352,034338.450
VWID.4 (150 kW, 77 kWh Batterie)15016016,977,050844.450
ManufacturerModelEngine Power
in kW
Top Speed
in km/h
Electric Energy Consumption
in kWh/100 km
Battery Capacity
in kWh
Electric Range
in km
Price in Euro
(including German Tax)

Prices and other data correspond to those of the respective automobile manufacturer in 2021.

List of battery electric cars available until 2020

Market overview of all electric cars offered in Germany up to and including 2020 – List of battery-powered electric cars formerly available on the German market

ManufacturerModelEngine Power
in kW
Top Speed
in km/h
Electric Energy Consumption
in kWh/100 km
Battery Capacity
in kWh
Electric Range
in km
End of
BMWi3 (60 Ah)12515012,918,81902017
BMWi3 (94 Ah)12515013,633,22902018
BMWi3s (94 Ah)13516014,333,22802018
CitroenBerlingo Electric L14911017,722,51702018
CitroenBerlingo Electric L24911017,722,51702018
CitroenE-MEHARI MJ 2018 styled by Courreges5011020,0-1002018
CitroenE-MEHARI Hardtop-Version5011020,0-1952019
CitroenE-MEHARI Softtop-Version5011020,0-1952019
e.GO Mobilee.GO Life 40+4112018,721,51222020
e.GO Mobilee.GO Life 605713015,521,51392020
FordFocus Electric10813716,433,52252018
HyundaiIONIQ Elektro (88 kW)8816511,528,02802019
KiaSoul EV8114514,330,02502019
Mercedes-BenzB 250 e Sports Tourer13216016,628,02002017
Mercedes-BenzeVito Tourer (Lange Version)8512024,241,01562020
Mercedes-BenzeVito Tourer (Extralange Version)8512024,241,01562020
MitsubishiElectric Vehicle4913012,516,01602016
Nissane-NV200 EVALIA (24 kWh Batterie)8012316,524,01702018
Nissane-NV200 Kastenwagen (24 kWh Batterie)8012316,524,01632018
Nissane-NV200 Kombi (24 kWh Batterie)8012316,524,01702018
NissanLeaf (24 kWh, ZE0)8014415,024,01992017
NissanLeaf (30 kWh, ZE0)8014415,030,02502017
NissanLeaf e+ 3.ZERO Option (Limitierte Edition)16015720,662,03852019
PeugeotPartner Electric Kastenwagen L14911017,722,51702020
PeugeotPartner Electric Kastenwagen L24911017,722,51702020
RenaultZOE LIFE BOSE Edition (Motor R110)8013516,341,03002018
RenaultZOE LIFE (Motor R90)6813518,922,01592019
RenaultZOE LIFE Z.E. 40 (Motor R90)6813516,941,02992019
RenaultZOE LIFE LIMITED (Motor R110)8013517,541,02922019
SeatMii electric6113014,936,82502020
SkodaCITIGOe iV6113012,936,82532020
TeslaModel S 60235210-60,04002017
TeslaModel S 60D244210-60,04082017
TeslaModel S 70235225-70,04552016
TeslaModel S 70D244225-70,04702016
TeslaModel S 75235225-75,04802017
TeslaModel S 75D-22518,675,04902018
TeslaModel S 90D310250-90,05572017
TeslaModel S P90D345250-90,05092016
TeslaModel S 100D-25018,9100,06322019
TeslaModel S P100D-25020,0100,06132019
TeslaModel S Standard Reichweite-250--4502019
TeslaModel S Maximale Reichweite-250--6102020
TeslaModel S Performance-250--6392020
TeslaModel X 75D-21020,875,04172018
TeslaModel X 90D386250-90,04892017
TeslaModel X 100D-25020,8100,05652019
TeslaModel X P100D-25022,6100,05422019
TeslaModel X Standard Reichweite-250--3752019
TeslaModel X Maximale Reichweite-250--5072020
TeslaModel X Performance-250--5482020
VWe-Golf (Golf VII vor Facelift)8514012,724,21902016
VWe-Golf (Golf VII nach Facelift)10015013,835,82002020
VWe-load up!6013011,7-1602019
VWe-up! (18,7 kWh Batterie)6013011,718,71202019
VWe-up! (32,3 kWh Batterie)6113012,932,31802020
ManufacturerModelEngine Power
in kW
Top Speed
in km/h
Electric Energy Consumption
in kWh/100 km
Battery Capacity
in kWh
Electric Range
in km
End of

Technical data correspond to the specifications of the respective manufacturer with status at the end of production.

What is an electric car?

An electric car (EV, electric vehicle or BEV, battery electric vehicle) is a car driven by an electric motor that obtains the necessary electrical energy from a battery. Due to the purely electric drive, an electric car remains quiet and does not emit any pollutants locally. Rather, charging the battery causes indirect emissions, depending on how the electric power used is produced.

As more electricity from regenerative and renewable sources is used to charge the battery, the better the environmental performance of an electric vehicle. The maximum range of an electric car depends heavily on the size of the battery, as well as its power, weight, driver and route profile. The charging time of each electric car model also varies depending on the size of the battery and the charging technology involved.

Information on the tables

The upper table provides an up-to-date market overview of all electric cars currently in series production and sold in Germany as new cars with an electric drive. The table below provides a list of discontinued and no longer produced electric car models that should be found as used cars. The most important technical data and prices for electric cars are given for each manufacturer and model designation. The engine power describes the output of the installed electric motor, the top speed at which the electric car can be driven.

The electric energy consumption in kilowatt hours per 100 kilometres was measured by the respective car manufacturer according to a standardised procedure. The electric range of an electric car is also determined in a standardized cycle. In practice, this value is strongly influenced by external influences such as the outside temperature, the route and the individual driving habits of the driver. The battery capacity reflects the size of the battery used, i.e. how much electrical current it can store. Based on the selected technical data and the prices in the overview, it is possible to compare the electric cars with each other.

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